Mike Sends Me Mail

[ sex ] Message 2220: Tue Aug 29 1989 8:24pm
From: Zaphod, Fugitive Galactic Prez
Subject: speaking of which

     I got a piece of mail yesterday.  "Wendy the Whip's Illustrated
Bondage Catalog".  I thought, gawd, how do I get on these mailing
lists?  I've never even bought anything at Camoflage!  It had a pic
of "Wendy" on the envelope.
     Opened it up, and it turned out to be a newsletter, not a catalog.
Nice Macintosh style mixed graphics and text, well done aside from poor
spelling/grammar.  "Mike Taken Hostage by Wendy"... "Micheal Kaye has
been taken hostage by Wendy the Whip... currently tied up and being
whipped daily... subject to other unnamed abuses..  strangely enough he
does not seem to mind..."
     The things he'll do to get people to write to him.  Wonder where he
found this service offered...  I remember him sending an essay on letter
writing to Jon a couple of summers ago... too bad he didn't include a return
address this time!  :-)
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