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From qarin Fri Dec 18 15:56:08 1987
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Subject: New Years Eve Party

New Years Eve Party!  At the Schrodinger Institute for Advanced Fun and the
Curably Sane!  

It seems like it's about time for the Institute to have a party, so we
are.  A rollicking good time is required by all.

The institute has all the party amenities, including space, stereos, TV
and VCRs, Video games, Basically Cool People(tm), and, of course, its
convenient, central location.

The party will be, as is traditional, on New Year's Eve, starting, say,
in the evening sometime... it can be expected to last as long as it
needs to (though if you're still here for Midterms, Winter Quarter, we
might kick you out).  There'll be munchies, and soda; beer/wine/hard
liquor if you bring it; Tempest and StarWars Arcade games, and maybe a
couple Micros set up around the house; A Jungle Gym with a swing in the
living room (unless it starts getting abused, in which case the swing'll
have to vacation in the storage closet); Videos (we've got some obscure
movies, and some anime, and some bad kung fu, and MTV;  bringing
something great would be great); and, with any luck, at least a few
people that you'll like and want to talk to.

The address is 310 Nobel Dr.  It's off Bay (to the West), just past the 

				       ----A Probablistic Production----

From madmax (66252000)
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 88 06:14:31 pst
To: spcecdt
Subject: new years eve

hey dude its new year time! do you have plans or is there a happenin' 
scene going down including bachnalian revelry?? time to celebrate the
practical demise of the 80's YEAH!!!! 
From spcecdt Sat Dec 31 11:27:47 1988
To: madmax
Subject: Re: new years eve

     There is a great party tonite at the Schrodinger Institute, 
at 310 Nobel Drive.  A BBQ grill starts at 6 (assuming it isn't raining);
bring fud & drink.  The Institute is the residence of the Q (accounts
que and queue) and is a sort of technophiliac hangout...
a couple of full-size arcade games (Tempest and Star Wars), a
dozen TV's (four or so with vcr's), assorted video cameras, camcorders,
terminals, computers, etc.  Last year there were ~60 people; it was
great.  Hope I see you there!

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