Fud Runs

Message #449 : Wed, Dec 14, 1988 2:46 pm
From: Fud! 
Subject: well

     I saw an odd crusty vaguely cylindrical item flying in front of my
face last night and was stimulated to snatch it from the air lest it
affix itself to someone's neck and suck their blood.  But it turned out
to be one of those concoctions known as a "mozarella stick", which I had
never seen before!  So I ate it, and lo, it was good!  Thus, I must 
insist that wherever we go tonight, they have the capacity to prepare this
consumable, since I do not have such audacity as Raine does go to another
establishment and bring vittles from said place to another.
     It should be noted that last night Matthew showed up with a virtual
plethora of females, but brought them to another table!  He must be
criticised severely!
     Also, I have been told that mozarella sticks do not fly of their own
accord but I don't believe it.
     Yet another note:  we (Adam, Larry, and I) showed up at Saturn at the
usual hour (10:00) and no one was there!  Though at least Q deigned to show
up a half hour later.
[ Nocturnal Cuisine ] Message #358 Thu Jan 26, 1989 10:22pm
From: Fud!
Subject: cops

   I think they wait for us in those establishments on 41st.. the ones
who are in there, or come in later are really spies...
   And now for something completely different.
   Three Heinous White Males came and kidnapped Verna last night from the
Armory!  They picked her up bodily and carried her out!   I tried to defend
her but the exhaust cap on my tennis ball cannon stuck.  I finally got it
off, and went to the front door to pick them off (well actually to shoot at
a bush, just to give them something to think about.)  I did this, but in my
haste overfueled the cannon, and then forgot the correct fueling-hole sealing
procedure, with the result that burning fuel spewed out the rear end and 
caught my @#$%^#$^&$ shirt on fire!  Burned a nasty hole in it, not to 
mention in my shoulder.  Next time I'll just let them take her, or let
Carny do the honors...
[ Nocturnal Cuisine ] Message #11 Mon Feb 13, 1989 11:53pm
From: Fud!
Subject: heh heh

   I would like to note Q's tremendous capability for trust.  After
demonstrating my mini-contact-explosives I asked zap to hold out his
hand so I could toss one at it.  But did he?  Noooo!  He'll let you
pour infernal chemicals into his mouth, but not let you toss a leeetle
teensy explosive at his hands!  BUT, without even being asked, Q held 
out her hand trustingly.  I tossed one and it impacted on her thumb
in a fascinating display of chemical energy, and she, or more specifically
her thumb, was none the worse for wear.  The waitress did ask for an end
to the pops at that point, so I didn't do any more inside.  After the
run, actually during the Great Leavetaking, the best display was when 
someone(?) tossed one at the shades of another person, whose identity
I forget, though it might have been, appropriately enough, shades himself.
Note that this too was with the subject's permission.  It made a nice 
flash, though the subject didn't get to see it up close because he closed
his eyes merely because there was a bit of explosive hurtling at them.
[ Nocturnal Cuisine ] Message #72 Sat Mar 4, 1989 7:46pm
From: Just call me Mr. Spaghetti...
Subject: the long awaited post....part 1 (of 2)..PAGE THESE!!

What fun, What fun...
The run last night was a record breaker in more ways than one, but
first the roll call:

matthew     spcecdt     lechner     andreas
queue       ceowyn      vodoo       omni
horny       fiatlux     alibaba     jareth
mickey      pallas      marlowe     ellen
fry         zap         titeman     scorpio
penguin     astroid     tejas       bytor
fritz       zenomt      icarus      kahlua
jedi        jammie      numbers*    debbi+
demeter     xzquoph     bluemax     funkstr
velcro      karp        zemkai

(*= ex-NC Virgin, += no account (but debbi used to be vanessa))

  The first broken record -- attendance...we had 39 last night, blasting
the previous record by 7.  (We beat it by eight if you count Zap's alter
ego, but if that is counted, then everyone else's must also be, and that
could get to be very difficult...so 39 it is.)
  With a crowd like that, and made up of people like us, it was almost 
required that one of the other patrons ask us who we were and why we 
gathered.  Horny almost replied that it was because "we are deadheads on
ecstasy who got the munchies when we couldnt sleep..." but wimped out and
said we were geeks.  Fry and Zenomt were ready to back his original story,

  As we piled into Lyons, we found a much more prepared staff.  JJ was our
waitress again, but with the unexpected size of our party, she needed to get
help from both A prylle, and Becky(the manager, no less).  JJ tended to be a
bit inflexible, and her famed "DIES!" was given to the following new 
members of the morgue:

  Andreas would have been on the list as well, but JJ spared her because she
was wearing red and black.
  Early in the run, the corner booth enjoyed what Spcecdt and Ellen called
an "orgy MAX" consisting of the following: Spcecdt, Omni, Lechner, Andreas,
Fiatlux, Alibaba, Mickey, Pallas, Marlowe, and Ellen.
  Much cuddling occurred during the entire length of the run, and everyone,
it seemed, got at least one cuddle.  With one exception, who shall remain
nameless due to an apparent desire to maintain a healthy level of self-pity.
  There were many announcements, yt (your's truly) was the only one required
(by JJ) to get up on a chair when announcing.  Kahlua announced that she had
played mtrek, but confessed she wasn't sure why she played.  Zap also claimed
to be schizophrenic, and did some very strange things to back the statement up.
Spcecdt proclaimed that he had expected his friend, Luke(of no account), to 
arrive, but he claimed to have liost him and his van on the freeway.  He is 
presumed dead.  For more info on him, however, you can check out Spcecdt's
toe file.
  Scooter, our beloved mute mouse, went hard rock (though other descriptions
were 'shitty rock and scummy rock' by showing of a new Twisted Sister pin.
  Kahlua demonstrated some violence by threatening Omni, who had merely 
suggested that he could pull the ring on the back of her pants.  Xzquoph  
experienced said violence, when Kahlua drew blood.  One comment was that it
looked like she had ripped his nose off.  But with an incredible mood swing,
Kahlua took Xz out to her car and patched him up with an emergency first aid
  Kahlua certainly got around last night, and she broke another record...or
committed a first, as it may be called.  She was the first ever to unbutton
Titeman's shoulder button on his jacket.
  As the run progressed, One of the side booths complained about a lack of
attention from yt.  To get attention, Titeman proclaimed loudly that the fries
were excellent, while Velcro deep-throated a ketchup bottle.  Velcro also
proclaimed that the lettuce was unsanitary.

< end, part 1 >
[ Nocturnal Cuisine ] Message #73 Sat Mar 4, 1989 7:46pm
From: Just call me Mr. Spaghetti...
Subject: the long awaited post...part 2 (final)

< ok, we're back >

  The sugar record fell yet again, this time to Zap.  He finished 31 packets
of sugar over the period of the run, and chased the last 4 packets with 
ketchup.  Fry kept count.
  Xzquoph also kept with his habit of eating table condiments by drinking
unknown quantities of half-and-half.
  JJ interrupted at several instances to try to quiet us down, including
the point immediately after Horny and Scorpio walked on their hands the length
of the restaurant.  A prylle was not amused, and informed them that they were
in a restaurant, not a playground.
  There was another record set, that of how many people cound sit in one chair
by sitting on laps.  The record went to 8 before the chair slid out from
under them. The following people were involved in this remarkable feat:
     vodoo     debbi
     fry       demeter
     fritz     penguin
     horny     icarus

  I have no idea what the order was, only that it alternated genders.

  Andreas was almost a 'Twink' but the proclamation was voted down.  For 
those who aren't aware of what a 'Twink' is, it is apparently a person who,
when asked for "Term" would enter something like "Fall."  Regardless of that
failure, she went on to drink almost an entire bottle of ketchup.  This
apparently occurred when she was supposed to be deep throating it.

  As the night wore on to a close, finances had to be taken care of, and I
would like to thank Ellen for her help in figuring the mess with the bills 
out.  I would also like to thank everyone.  We apparently managed to cover
the whole thing with a very respectable tip.
  Ellen also checked the notes used to post this, and was happy that something
that had apparently happened was missed (I am only one person).  This, of
course, will not do.  If anyone has any idea what that was, please post it.
  JJ found 3 cheesesticks wrapped in a napkin near the register, unclaimed.
Rumor has it that they belong to Pallas.  Does anyone know for sure?

  ...thats it for now.  Out Of Context will appear there, of course.  
additions/corrections are, of course, invited. 


[ nocturnal cuisine ] Message #175 Sat Jun 9, 1990 2:40am
From: Hot Chocolate and Free Refills!!! (cmraman@ucscb.UCSC.EDU)
Subject: whee haw!

time in transit: "Big Money" and "Grand Design" from Crown to Lyon's,
"The Manhattan Project" and 2/3 of "Marathon" Lyon's to Oakes.

spiff can translate for you, he's got the CD.

Thanh was the only person crazy enough to ride with me. he had fun. :P

THE ALL-IMPORTANT LIST: lazarus tarim fujiko etrigan satyr trent akiru lucifer
omni vague mantis clueles karp liz ixanian@sco.com gollum belal@sco.com armoror
pax@deeptht astroid kahlua jburton weird easterb jedi taralee yvonne funkstr
**HORNY** tlim andreas jjmouse mickey alexr zenomt killjoy shell spiff koreth
leper falcon zap gremlin lrc@red4est joker smq avatar escher@apple.com bytor 
boborob kat cmraman; and two PONA's, Kristin and Michael.

GRAND TOTAL: 54. a new record, beating the old one (reported to me as 43) by 11.

NOISE LEVEL: surprisingly low, for such a large turnout.

WAITRON REVIEW: about 6.5. they seemed really pushy, but they did get the food
to the tables rather promptly once it was ordered.

NOTABLE EVENTS: funkstr entering and falling to the floor in a heap, where he 
lay until revived by a kiss from yvonne. yvonne recieving the "viking birthday
song" from various and sundry local delinquents. yc hanging on to the roof of
the Shot Rod for dear life as taralee did her best to make me fall. 

CONCLUSION: until next time... i'm outa here.
[ general ] Message 5278: Thu March 21 1991 2:32am
From:  (gristle@ucscb)
Subject: Got some Head for Ya

queue "purple pen" 
matthew "I have more radios in my car than you"
marina "what's my name again?"
kalya "above the knee:
hermit "you are not root"
akiru "why i go"
jinx "why don't motorcycles have a reverse gear?"
spcecdt "snappy"
omni "i *will* to go P.S."
lamchop "Best br-5 in the business"
funkstr "call me clinton"
yvonne "I bought this for you"
aeron "voice"
andreas "pet my doggy"
will "king of the russian jews"
mantis "Hoopdy"
sorka "you'll have to pry my bike from my cold fingers"
ikaria "you'll have to pry his bike from my cold fingers"
zurena "queen of the russian jews"
koreth "i'm just learning how to program"
kat "the devil makes me ride a motorcycle"
carina "loudest b acct"
anstsia "R.A. of Parrington Dorm- blood pressure>IQ
jedi "I saw this mean big dog...."
cat "I know God"
god "Not JHVH-1"
curtain "not cats"
foires "econ god"
public "not enemy"
odin "i'm going to tokyo!"
dove "Mr. Fixit"
velvet "He saw this big dog..."
bannon@c " 'professor' bob
desyl " >550k mbox"
garlick who is this guy?
indigo " zep "
chroma@cygnus.com "wanna buy a 10 kwatt transmitter?"
snozer@toast "from up here"
borneo "I'm not that kind of SubGenius"
bytor "where has all the afro gone..."
kitty "animal pharmacist"
lucifer "i do not do econ"
banshee "best hair"
skreee "best spine"
lorax "mystery woman with green eyes"
salguod "pineapple bread peanutbutter"
horny "horny@b?"
dev "nipples"
jenalen "jenalenalenalen"
umlaut "the ultimate in heavy metal"
thlayli "the ultimate in guitar"
cerebus "gets his own acct. and takes over the world"
candela "merced#1"
uberman "merced#2"
crisper "merced#bob"
kenelm "beats banshee any day"
turing "not "her""
falcon "trench coats for "Bob""
ericsan "don't call me eric"
ignatz "maus"
membio membio's twin
membio membio's twin
wendy the Lyons Waitress

total 89 geeks + wendy the lyons waitress

it was nutty. drink umbrellas EVERYWHERE!

more geeks than you can shake a banshee at
[ general ] Message 5279: Thu March 21 1991 2:42am
From: Tim (garlick@ucscb)
Subject: ^^^

it was indeed awesome.  banshee's drink umbrella hairstyle
was most cool.  

and i found out that there's going to be a no means no concert
at cowell on april 27th (that's a monday).  yeah!

and i asked one geek where her leather was (i just *assumed*
she had leather) but she wouldn't tell me.

and i traded some nyc antecdotes.

and i saw my teeth reflected in a weird way from the top of
the flushing part of the urinal in the men's room.

all in all- most cool.  :)
[ nocturnal cuisine ] Message #330 Thu Mar 21, 1991 2:25am
From: foodeater (skreee@ucscb.UCSC.EDU)
Subject: what else...the cadillac of fud runs

MY GAWD!!!!!! what a turn out!!!! I'm glad I stayed here in SC tonight...

crisper attacked me with umbrellas...
ericsan and I swooned like there was no tomorrow...
the floor of Lyons isn't half as sticky as you'd think...
I made off with 90000 of those clown decals....
so many delagations showed up I lost track...
bannon showed up,..very cool..UCSC needs more teachers on B..it brings them
down to earth..or something like that...
falcon claimed that >quack< was the anti-swoon..and was oddly correct..
andi sipped her coke under those fine plastic ferns...
it only took an hour and a half for my fries and shake to reach my mouth...but
I salute those valiant waitresses who served us so well...lets invite them to
the next partaay...

-as the Cowell Fed road off into the night,<radio a blazin'> we looked back
to a Lyons still full of geeks... twas a wonderful sight...

[ nocturnal cuisine ] Message #72 Thu Apr 11, 1991 11:31pm
From: FUD! (spcecdt@ucscb.UCSC.EDU)
Subject: Old Guard stuff

     Long long ago, when geeks were real geeks, "nocturnal" meant > 1:00, fud
runs were real fud runs, and happened most every night, there came a time of
concern, consternation, misunderstanding, and bRUtaL gEEk OPpReSSIoN.  After
one of these ancient runs, so the CC management said, a $20 bill was not
paid.  Although it's highly unlikely that $20 worth of fud was unpaid for,
or that anyone stole the money, it is possible that the troublesome twenty
was misplaced.  If it's the run I think it was, there was a $20 bill that was
at various times flown as a paper airplane and slipped down someone's blouse.
This bill may not have ended up back on the table.  Or, perhaps it was
something else entirely.  The upshot was that next time a group of geeks
appeared in the CC entryway, they were told that they had underpaid last time,
and they were not welcome until someone forked over $20.  No one did, so for
several nocturnal eons any group that showed up with so much as a single
recognizable geek was rejected.  
     Thus, the preferred establishments for purchasing nocturnal nourishment
became Lyons and, for a while, the Scotts Valley Dennys (at this time, the SC
Dennys had on late duty a waitress whose various nicknames will go
unmentioned.  Also, the SV Dennys has an interesting decor...)
     However, the occasional geek probes of CC eventually paid off.  Sufficient
waitress turnover and memory degradation occurred that small groups of geeks
would be served without even a dirty look, and in fact since that time entire
genuine fud runs have been held at CC.
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