UCSCC Goes Away

From ucscc.ucsc.edu!warner Wed May  1 04:11:25 1991
Date: Wed, 1 May 91 02:41:52 -0700
From: warner@ucscc.ucsc.edu (Jim Warner - UCSC Computer Center)
To: deeptht!postmaster@ucscc.ucsc.edu

To postmasters are the following uucp hosts

  adhoc aptos aton baby bacon bcraig bcreek bfox1 bird blznrzn borland 
  bumby cabuucp calband comix coyote cruc cruzio darcy deadhead deeptht 
  dew djep dontask drabbs duchamp emu felton flerv floyd ganglio gorn 
  hades harry haunts haxo holycow hwg ice intcad ishtar joshua kithrup 
  lapis lasue leblond maow mchome mesira metagr metawar metrics moria 
  mr-pibb oliver pcuucp Philon phoenix ptlwest quality quartz red4est 
  roscoe rsw satyr sco seagate seidc shimoto sludge spark spud starlab 
  steiny tecor thinkum thorner tigre toast veda verdak watjo whim wm6r 

Sometime during the summer, perhaps as soon as 1 July, UCSC will stop
paying maintenance on the VAX780 that is our present uucp hub.  Shortly
thereafter, we will observe a minute of silence and pull its plug

We have begun the process of pulling applications off of the old
computers and moving them to new ones.  One of these applications
is uucp.  At this writing it is not clear whether community uucp
access will be one of the things that we'll be providing on the
replacement computers.  uucp is not considered to be a core service
to our primary user community.  

At the present time, I can't make a promise either way as to the
future of ucsc's activity as a community uucp hub.  Users for whom
uucp correspondence is anything more than a convenience would do well
to investigate alternative connection opportunities.

jim warner
network engineer, UCSC

From gorn.santa-cruz.ca.us!falcon Mon May 13 14:21:35 1991 From: frederick smythe <falcon@gorn.santa-cruz.ca.us> To: spcecdt@deeptht.santa-cruz.ca.us Subject: Re: sysops meeting Date: Mon, 13 May 91 14:21:53 PDT nope, you weren't on the list. i've added you, and here's the summary. summary for may 8th scruz-sysops meeting attending: who associated system name login jon luini gorn falcon jeff liebermann comix jeffl william ward thinkum hermit james bohem holycow james if any present notice something i left out, please let me know so i can update the master in /usr/archive/scruz-sysops on gorn. --jon =============================================================================== jon luini (falcon@gorn.santa-cruz.ca.us) will make a quick draft to send to all of the people who received warner's latest ping about ucscc disappearing. this will be mailed to scruz-sysops for comments and modifications. jeff liebermann (jeffl@comix) reports not much hope for donations from large companies. we need to begin hashing out an outline for the proposal we will submit to COAC/CATS. this can be done via email over the scruz-sysops mailing list. we came up with an initial summary of the type of hardware that we will need for a machine to sit up at ucsc and serve as the UUCP hub. we came up with the following: 386 motherboard/chassis 8MB ram ethernet card serial/multiport card 150 MB disk space / controller mono monitor keyboard at least 1 modem to start here is a brief summary of what we know we have, should we find that we need to get a machine together asap, for upgrading over time. who what jeffl wd1007 esdi controller fujitsu 2246E 135 MB formatted drive telebit modem computon multiport board fullsize chassis and power supply ericz maybe 386 motherboard... eric, please clarify? jonl money to buy something (modem/phone/machine hardware/etc) jamesl 2400bd modem external drive box w/ power supply (maybe) computone multiport board anyone else who has details on what they have and are willing to put into this project, feel free to mail me and i'll update a master list. for money donations, we don't need amounts yet, so just saying that you're willing to put in money since you don't have hardware is good for now. =============================================================================== the following was postponed due to the lack of folks present. B. polling schedules 1. try to arrange some sort of intelligent uucp polling between locally connected machines. =============================================================================== jeffl has UUPC floppies for those who need them. =============================================================================== jeffl reported that other folks are working on fidonet<-->unix gatewaying already [ rfmail (v0.4.0), binkley (v2.3) ] so he is going to wait on that to continue his gatewaying efforts.
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