Bill moves into the Armory

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Subject: armory room
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 91 13:56:54 PDT
From: William R Ward <hermit@cats.UCSC.EDU>

How much was Jeff's room again?  and is it still available?  and can I
bring my cat or must Mugi be alone?

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i see.  yeah, i doubt mugi and my bigfatkittyguy would get along.
i'll keep it in mind in case hell freezes over or something like that.
(well, not really... but i'll list it mentally as a backup)
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From hermit Wed Jun 19 00:22:41 1991
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Subject: mail, thinkum, life, the universe, and everything.
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Date: Wed, 19 Jun 91 0:22:27 PDT

I've tried to hack together a .maildelivery file.  This is what I came up with:

*	*	|	A	resend -r

Preliminary testing seems to indicate it works.

I'm going to be moving into Jeff's room on the 22nd, and his stuff will occupy
his room, the garage, and/or the living rooms.  At some point after that I would
like to get a connection to deeptht (and eventually r5omino) in that room.  I
have four serial ports on my computer, but only two seem to work, and one of
those is my mouse.  The second board (which has COM3 and COM4 on it) probably
just needs some tweaking of DIP switches, but I don't understand IRQ and other
related issues well enough to do it myself.  I was hoping perhaps you could help
me get that working.

I have two Supra 2400 modems, one here and one loaned to a friend temporarily.
I was thinking that perhaps some sort of arrangement could be made where all
the dialin/out lines can be centrally located, and both my modems could be made
available for that as long as I have access to them (via telnet or serial lines
to deeptht or ArmoryNet).  I'll help pay for phone cost on the data lines, of

I will also want to have 9600 baud UUCP between my machine and deeptht, if it
can be arranged, over a serial line (I don't think UUPC would work over
ethernet).  I plan to write a newsreader/mailer for Windows (please try to hold
your laughter).

Anyway, let me know what you think of those ideas.
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