Bonny Doon Beach Parties

Friday, April 17, 1992
[ general ] Message 19037: Sat April 18, 1992  2:35am
From: voodo thrust. THRUST (ruhue@ucscb)
Subject: geeks on FIRE!!!

the beach party. *INCREDIBLE*
geeks were on fire.
booming sounds everywhere.
so many good friends.
and wicked brew... ahhh
i am still reeling.
[ general ] Message 19038: Sat April 18, 1992  2:42am
From: Wow, Rover, you're the greatest Dane of all. (koreth@Sun.COM)
Subject: Re(19037): geeks on FIRE!!!

Definitely a fun time.  Jocks leaping through flame, flashing lights and
loud noises, the Melting Seat O' Doom, and everyone sucking on my sweet
[ general ] Message 19042: Sat April 18, 1992  11:37am
From: ZaP! (zap@ucscb)
Subject: I think

the THRUST fights were best.
[ general ] Message 19051: Sat April 18, 1992  3:58pm
From: frederick smythe, esquire (jonl@HAL.COM)
Subject: beach party?


i'm going to try and write down everything i can remember that happened..

21:15 myself, ruhuE and mantis left echo street

21:20 we passed the sillyputty mobile on the way (which contained banshY and
      salguod) and reports are that banshee screamed "FUCK YOU" and flipped
      us off the entire way to the beach.  

21:30 we arrive at bonny dune and find the place _packed_.  clear out a few
      cars with my sidepanel and slip into a nice nestled spot.

21:35 we arrive over the railroad tracks and sand dune to see a blinking red
      light way over across the beach.  thoughts of satanic worshipping 
      practices run through our heads. we head towards it.

21:40 we arrive to find geeks amongst MOUNDS of pallettes, beginning to 
      assemble fire. fire is built and starts up by human wind block. banshee
      starts drinking.

around this time, time lost its meaning as we received signals from the future
sent by ourselves warning us away our current path.

EVENT discussion regarding what sort of things could be inserted in ones anus
      for fun.  optimum answer was rubber bugs. great for surprising people
      during those spur of the moment body cavity searches!  add some metal to
      their core and have fun at the airport metal detectors!

EVENT lunatics from another group on the beach jumping & diving off a rock
      with 15 floot drop and then rolling down 50 yards of steep sand.  no
      broken necks confirmed.

EVENT visit #1 from "other faction" on the beach. one guy stumbles up and says
      "whoa... howzit goinng?" to banshee and i.  i offer him a necco wafer.
      he accepts. he asks if we have a light. banshee says "yeah" and points to
      the fire.  guy mumbles "what am i? an idiot?" and then proceeds to grab
      red hot coals with his bare hand. he drops them and then bends over and
      lights his cigarette from it.  banshee offers him wicked brew (tm) which
      he drinks heartily from and afterwards says "what is it? what will it do
      to me?".. i ask him "well, how do you feel?"... "pretty good."  "well,
      nothing to worry about then."  he stumbles off.

EVENT stream of jokes about banshee's forehead being a collection of all of
      the foreskins he's collected/stolen over the years.


EVENT visit #2 from another faction on the beach. group of people asking us
      if we were from morgan hill. banshee responds with "do you like ORINDA?"
      at which time i start screaming "I TOLD YOU NOT TO TALK ABOUT ORINDA!!!"
      at banshee and pummeling him about the head and face. banshee makes a good
      scene and screams and curls into a ball. "INTO THE FIRE FOR YOU!!!" and
      its a fight towards the fire... by the time we stopped our guests seems
      to have er.. left.

EVENT about 100 people at another party with about 20 palettes on their fire
      dancing around in a circle screaming red hot chili peppers.

EVENT toss the rest of our 4-5 palettes on the fire and then set a metal
      chair found earlier on top of them. take turns sitting in it screaming
      for spcecdt to come over with his camera. watch the chair melt down
      into nothingness.

EVENT start tossing the rest of our fireworks into the fire.  one close call
      as a zooming one nearly hits ford.

EVENT visit #3... some mumbling about them asking if "there were women over
      here"... for some reason or another spcecdt decided to chase horny around
      with a moving stream of flame from a can of thrust... the chase travels
      around the fire and off towards the rocks with spcecdt screaming 
      "DANCE MIKE! DANCE!!"... this seems to have taken care of this set of

EVENT THRUST MANIA. horny and spcecdt have inspired the rest of the group and
      most of us travel out towards other fires on the beach to chase each 
      other around with burning thrust flamethrowers. OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING.
      as we approached various fires, people started ... avoiding us...

EVENT come across on fire where people have on sturdy palette on their fire
      which they were playing king of the mountain on. shoving, pushing, 
      screaming, flames licking at their feet.  turns into a food fight as
      one of them throws their bag of hamburgers/hot dogs/buns on the fire.

there were way too many things for me to remember that happened, so everyone
should post anything that i've forgotten... in general, it was probably my
favorite beach party ... nonstop craziness and fun... 

and yes, everyone was eating all of steve's sweet stuff. and boy was it tasty.

lesse if i can remember a list of attendees...

spcecdt, pax, filbo, ruhue, falcon, mantis, banshee, salguod, horny,
koreth, wolf, wraith, reginab, cmraman, detctiv, weird, enelrad, snozer,
omni, plus a couple who i don't know very well.
[ general ] Message 19066: Sun April 19, 1992  12:40am
From: ZaP! (zap@ucscb)
Subject: beach party

um.. lessee

almost decapitaed by errant gorn torpedoes...

dragging banshee aound by his throat and attempting hickes on he and jon and

THRUSTING bottle rockets in to the other revelers with miKe...

Heading for Davenport with falcon and weird, and hearing a sharp report and
seeing a bright flash. "One of spcecdts."  "yep."

"You guys got any women here?"  "We threw them in the fire."

"You guys from SF?"  <banshee falcon fight>  <they leave> "Smile,
CTHULHU laothes you..."

"Hi.. who are you?"  "Aeron."  "Hi!  I'm zap, account ford."  "Oh, I know 
your brother." "argh."

Arguing the concept of heat capacity and firewalk with regina and rebecca.
"You should go into advertiseing."  "Why?"  "I dontunderstand you but I
almsot belive you."

spcecdt drawing flaming smilies in the sand for me.  =)

miKe: "I really wann throw this <full can of THRUST> into that fire."

deciding that miKe would never get thru airport security cos he smelled`t
too much of pyrotechnics.  (I think this is where rubber buggs came in.)

the spinner that nearly killed us all.

The necking couple that seemed to attract bottle rockets.  "You arent
being subtle!"  They moved.  The next device found them anyway.

MiKe and I at another fire.  "You guys got a light? Thnks." <THRUST, puddle 
of flame.  rockets everywhere.>  "Thanks."

Returning fromteh THRUST battles.  "You know, on the street with those 
people, we'de get jumped.  Couple cans of THRUST and they wont bother
us again."

Evil plans invloving lots of blood packs, blank rounds and automatic

Much forehead, foreskin and fourscore discussion.

"Spinners dont work so well on sand." "So, get a DEVICE and make some 

The ebb and flow of our group towards our fire as people threw thignsinit.
MiKe tosses ina a candy wrapper.  "It wont make much noise."  We

[ general ] Message 19068: Sun April 19, 1992  1:29am
From: Zaphod, Galactic PrezFugitive Galactic Prez (spcecdt@ucscb)
Subject: beach revelry

     I packed four cans of Thrust into a bag that could hold six.  One of
my brains said, "I won't use more than that... I'll just have to cart it back
from the beach."  The other brain said, "There's room for six.  It is meant to
be."  I packed two more cans in.  Now I wish I'd packed the other four from
my stocks.  Time to go buy another case.  A profound comment uttered during
the night: "To think... after all this time, we find *another* use for Thrust!"
It starts your car.  It doesn't fuel your TBC.  It burns your posters.  It
corrupts your friends.  It draws smilies.  It sets off a gross of bottle
rockets at once.  It makes a good try at mowing your lawn.  It makes a TBC
barrel.  It burns down cardboard cities.  It makes mushroom clouds.  And now...
it makes Mike dance!
     I had planned on tossing a can in the fire when we left but the Thrust
chases were just too much fun.  People run fast when the ground is trying to
catch on fire underneath them.  The only person I actually ignited was banshee.
I handed out lots of Thrust but the only person to actually duel with me was
Rebecca.  The empty follicles on my hand remember :-)
     The pictures should be interesting, since my camera was loaded with
high speed monochrome negative film for my astrophotography class...
     These paragraphs are getting shorter and shorter.
     The End.
Friday, April 24, 1992
[ general ] Message 19457: Sat April 25, 1992  5:34am
From: frederick smythe, esquire (jonl@HAL.COM)
Subject: beach party

was most excellent.
fire! fireworks! thrust wars!
music! geeks! 

and afterwards the denny's run was
great. silly putty amused us all.
we made portals into other dimensions,
john and i became one, and we talked
to a professor who happened to be there
who made a double-headed flat billed
platypus snake out of silly putty and
then asked us for names of diseases and
[ general ] Message 19458: Sat April 25, 1992  10:25am
From: ZaP! (zap@ucscb)
Subject: and then

there was the guy with the gun...
[ general ] Message 19459: Sat April 25, 1992  10:31am
From: Tim (garlick@ucscb)
Subject: ^^^

yeah, what a jerk.  the thrust wars were interesting

unknown: when car thieves break into cars, the first
thing they do is swipe at the inside light (usually
knocking the plastic cover and/or the bulb into a 
weird place) so that people don't see them inside the

when i was leaving, i saw two guys sitting in the back of
the sheriff's car, arrested for (most likely) alcohol.  three
more people were standing around next to the police car 
while one of the cops wrote them tickets on the hood.  they
weren't geeks though.  there was also a 12-pack or two on
the hood.
[ general ] Message 19479: Sat April 25, 1992  4:40pm
From: Zaphod, Galactic PrezFugitive Galactic Prez (spcecdt@ucscb)
Subject: the experimental rockets

were certainly a success, despite the nut trying to shoot them out of the
air :-)

And I only ended up with one blister, on my index finger, though borneo torched
my entire hand trying to catch my can of Thrust on fire (which he also
succeeded in doing).  Bad move.  We used 10 cans of Thrust.  Hafta be more
careful who we hand it out to next time...

Did anyone end up with a white styrofoam cooler full of soft drinks?
Or did it just wander off?  :-(

Matthew has now joined our select ranks...
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