Invite to the Fourth Bonny Doon Beach Party

From spcecdt Wed Sep 26 01:00:58 1990
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Subject: ittttt'thhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaa


      When: This Saturday, Sep. 29th, starting around 6:00 pm, so we can
      play with TBCs & suchlike.

      Where: Bonny Doon Beach.  This is a few miles (9 or so) up Highway 1.
      It's the beach directly across from Bonny Doon Road, which is on the
      right side of the highway (if you're heading north) and is marked with
      a sign.  If you need further directions, mail me or meet here.

      Who: You, me, your friends, your stepmother's uncle's granddaughters, 

      Why: 'cuz it's still warm enough for a beach party but won't be for
      too much longer!  This may be the last Armory-induced beach party for
      this year...

      How: Drive or get a ride.  If you need a ride or can give rides come
      by the Armory before 6.  The statistics at this point are: out of
      four beach parties, 1 ticket, 1 car breakin, 1 assault.  Bonny Doon
      is still the preferred site 'cuz it's the only place we can have
      certain kinds of fun... which brings me to the next point:

      What to bring: Fud (grills will be provided), drink, warm clothing
      (it tends to be very windy), blankets, wood!!! (ideally, we would 
      have some left over for the, ahem, finale...), 4th leftovers,
      articles of clothing that you feel a sentimental need to reduce to
      confetti, TBCs, etc.

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