Invite to Third Bonny Doon Beach Party

From armoror Sat Apr  7 20:05:41 1990
To: armoror
Subject: beach party

     Saturday, April 28.  This is a change from the Saturday, April 24 that
I posted earlier which was rejected due to the fact that there is no Saturday
April 24 this year.  The mixup was due to my having done a "cal april 90"
which as it turned out gave me the calendar for April of the year 90  :-)
     The party will be to celebrate LizN & CraigJ's April 25th birthdays
(they were actually born on the very same day).  It will be at Bonny Doon Beach
as usual.  The current statistics stand at 1 ticket out of 3 beach parties.
     Time: 6:00pm, so we can play with TBC's, frisbees and such.
     We will have a bonfire (which may mutate and expand rapidly at the end
of the party).  Bring fud, drink, warm clothing, wood (please!), blankets.
     Bonny Doon Beach is a few miles up 1.  It is directly across from Bonny
Doon Road, which is marked with a sign.

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