Invite to the 6th Annual 4th of July Party-on-the-Beach

From spcecdt Wed Jun 28 01:24:14 1989
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Subject: PARTY!!!


     The 6th Annual 4th of July Party-on-the-Beach will be held a week from
today, that's next Tuesday (yes, on the very 4th of July itself) on the Seaside
Beach.  There will be $700+ of fireworks of every sort imaginable.  There will
be a barbecue grill and, later, a bonfire.  
     It will probably be windy, and cold later in the evening, so dress warmly
and bring beach blankets.  Bring food to bbq and/or eat, and drinks.  There
won't be any extra around...  I will probably leave around 3 or 4 to lead
anyone down there who wants to follow.
     WARNING:  This beach is known for having (gasp!) *illegal* types of
fireworks being used.  That means rockets, mortars, firecrackers, etc.  There
might even be some stuff *louder* than firecrackers going off in your immediate
vicinity.  I certainly cannot guarantee otherwise.  So... DO NOT COME TO THIS
PARTY if you do not like LOUD NOISES!!!  We will try to keep stuff under
control at our site but you probably won't enjoy yourself if loud stuff bothers
     Of course, bring whatever type of fireworks you like to set off yourself.
     PARKING will be very tight.  If you don't get there early you may have to
park far away.  If you are the lawless type you might find an unlawful spot but
then you run the risk of being ticketed.
     Seaside is between Sand City and Monterey.  As you head down 1, you will
first pass through Marina, then Fort Ord, then Sand City, before you reach
Seaside.  You will see the beach off to the right, next to the highway.  Get
off at the Seaside exit where you see a large hotel next to the ocean (there's
a Kmart on the other side of the highway).  There is a road that runs between
the highway and the beach.  Head back up that (north, away from the hotel) and
try to find parking.  We will be somewhere on the beach within line of sight of
the hotel.  The beach isn't that long so you should be able to find us.
Depending on how you drive and what the traffic is like, the trip from SC
should take about 40-60 minutes.
     Of course, it will be easier if you just meet here and follow me down.
I would appreciate it if EVERYONE who intends to go would send me mail and tell
me how many people they think they will bring, so we will know how large an
area to stake out.  My car is already full, but if you need a ride or can give
a ride please tell me and I will try to determine if there will be enough rides
for those who need them.  Of course, if you need a ride come EARLY lest you be
left behind.
     You should also mail me because there is a *faint* chance that the party
will moved to a different, private site.  I'll keep anyone who mails me back
up to date.
     PLEASE reply to this with 'R' not 'r'!!!  Thank you.

     "Let there be fire",  
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