Second Bonny Doon Beach Party

From spcecdt Mon May 29 23:45:23 1989
Subject: Beach Party: The Next Generation

     Date: Saturday, June 3rd.
     Location:  Same as last time.  For those who weren't there, there is a
beach opposite Bonny Doon Road about 9 miles up Hwy 1 (about a mile before
Davenport).  It's called Bonny Doon Beach.  
     To get to the beach you climb up a dune and over some railroad tracks. 
Then there's a nice cove with cliffs that shelter part of it from the wind.
We will try to get the same site as we did last time, which is on the left
side of the cove as you face the ocean.
     There is parking on both sides of the highway.  It says that parking is
allowed only until 10 pm, but last time no one got a ticket and some of us were
parked there 'til the next morning.  We had a peak of 30 or so people last 
time, and there were about 4 other parties going on, so be there early if you
want to have easy parking.
     We'll start somewhat before sunset, around 7:00.  Show up then if you 
want to watch the sun set, play with frithbees and TBC's, etc.  Bring fud,
drinks, beach blankets, wood if you have it (we're running out), etc.  There
will be a couple of grills for cooking chicken/hot dogs/whatever.  Dress
warmly.  Mail me (spcecdt) if you have questions.  
     See you!

	John 'n' Liz
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