First Bonny Doon Beach Party

From spcecdt Fri May 12 19:41:40 1989
To: liz
Subject: Beach Party!

     Date: Saturday (tomorrow!)
     location... there is a beach opposite bonny doon road about 12 miles (i
think) up hwy. 1.  i'm told that it's called (surprise!) bonny doon beach.
there is parking on both sides of the highway.
   to get to the beach you climb up a dune and over some railroad tracks.  then
there's a nice cove with cliffs that shelter part of it from the wind. it looks
like it has been used heavily for partying.  it looked like a nice site, though
i've never partied there.  it says that parking is allowed only 'til 10 pm, but
i am also told that tickets are not given.  of course i can't guarantee that.
     We'll start a bit before sunset, say, 7:30 or so.  Show up then if you 
want to watch the sun set.  bring fud, drinks, beach blankets, wood if you have
it...  dress warmly.  mail me (spcecdt) if you have questions.  i'm going to
try to have a grill for cookin' food.  don't have any idea who-all is going to
show up, so don't depend on a large or small party.  hope there will be
sufficient parking but can't guarantee it.
     Note that i'm completely clueless and have no idea what i'm doing!  :-) 
     see you!

	John 'n' Liz
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