Armory Parties

First Armory Party - February 1989

[ general ] Message 2706: Sat Feb 25 1989 4:33am
From: Q (queue@ucscb)
Subject: hmm

i saw a lot of people tonight who were not as
thinking, as drunk they were.
[ general ] Message 2707: Sat Feb 25 1989 5:20am
From: Archmage (ceowyn@ucscb)
Subject: yeah...

most of them, fortunately, were not attempting to move, though. 
except for a certain person with a camera. 
actually, two people with cameras. :-)

and then there was someone who apparently died. however, 
the body apparently removed itself after it's outline 
was taped to the carpet. mighty inconsiderate of it, i must 
say. i mean, what if the police had shown up?

"uh, yeah, this guy was just lying there dead, but he seems
to have left..."

[ general ] Message 2709: Sat Feb 25 1989 11:15am
From: Smile! (cmraman@ucscb)
Subject: Re(2707): yeah...

I was not _attemoting_ to move, I was succeeding!

How are everyone's heads today? Mine's fine... :P
[ general ] Message 2740: Sat Feb 25  8:01pm
From: Zaphod, Fugitive Galactic Prez
Subject: well

   to tie a few things together, I was successfully moving with my camera
over the apparently dead person on the carpet, recording the applying of
the masking tape to his outline by the same person who painted this poor
"dead" person's fingernails black.
   You know it was quite a party when you fill up the SC Recycling glass
and can bags with the bottles & cans that were left... :-)
   Gee, I have such mellow friends.  50-60 people there and the place
really didn't look that bad this morning.  All we lost was one glass... :-)
[ Gossip ] Message #419 Sat Feb 25, 1989 5:55am
From: hrmph
Subject: the party

heard outside the party on friday, from some of
those "surf scum" who showed up:

"How's that party down there?"
"It's pretty good, lots of people, but... they're all so fuckin' wierd!"
[ Gossip ] Message #428 Sat Feb 25, 1989 4:01pm
From: kwh
Subject: party gossip

   Youre right k*hl** and j*d* do make a cute couple.
   But what I want to know is, what does her lawyer think of this?

   Three cheers goes to m*ck**. Why? well we wont be hearing al*b*b*
   complaing about his lack of snuggle-bunnies. Sleep yes, bunnies no.

   FORD--> Found On Rug Dead.

   It seems that various beds and showers got a rather eclectic workout.

   Rumor has it that p*ng**n was seen driving away in a shiny blue porshe
   and hasnt been seen since.

kilroy was there.
[ joke ] Message 477: Sun Feb 26 1989 11:47pm
From: The Hideous Beast of AAAARRRRGGGGG (spiff@ucscb)
Subject: Carnivore's new female fan

was acct spirit.  She shook his hand while saying "and you are?..." He said 
"acct Carnivore", and she pulled her and away and walked away looking at her
hand like it was leprous. We called after her saying "You better wash that off
in alcohol". Thus incouraged, she wandered back, sat by me, and said "Is he 
kidding? [about being carnivore?]" I said "no."  She said "He doesnt _look_
like a disgusting creep..."

A little later on, they were actually talking civilly to each other...
Growl #86 Tue Feb 28, 1989 1:03am
From: Ursa Major
Subject: Fire Engine Red

   mmm, we almost needed those fire engines... you shoulda seen
The Bear's eyes light up when she saw the can of Thrust Starter Fluid
on my shelf.  Heh heh.  Actually what she did with it was safe enough;
not likely to burn the patio.  But when certain other person got hold
of it and tried to burn off the excess lawn so he wouldn't have to mow
it... :-)

Second Armory February Birthday Party, 1990

[ nocturnal cuisine ] Message #260 Tue Feb 27, 1990 7:49pm
From: Fud! (armoror@ucscb.UCSC.EDU)
Subject: a-party

     was a blast.  Who has my staplegun, eh?  Last I saw Ellen had it...
wonder what she did with it.
     I'll hafta get a mongo fan before the next party, though, so I can
set up an alternate ventilation system.  If we have music like that we
*can't* have *any* windows or doors open on the bottom floor (for those
who don't know, the police were called by "those neighbors").  My idea is
to open two windows upstairs, and use the fan to get air movin' around.
This, via the Bernouli effect or some such, will cool the downstairs too...
right?  :-)

Fourth Armory February Birthday Party, 1992

[ general ] Message 17383: Sun Feb 23, 1992  3:19am
From: delicious marinated (gristle@ucscb)
Subject: WHAT A PARTY!

I have *never* seen such a fine collection of geeks.
Mills people were great!
Old veteran crusty geeks. (not including banshy)
Geeks I Haven't Seen in Ages

and FREE FRIES AT DENNYS and doktors skreee and grendel found the dennys
run through telepathic communication

and banshee had a sphincter on his forehead

and lefou had an extra large penis

and elder's SO is so cool

and beeman was so wasted and twisted that he spoke free-form beat poetry
all night

and Doktor Umlaut and Doktor Awol666 brought a MacLuggable to Dennys

and Cindy (lafolle) was gorgeous!

and l3 == frygoddess...
[ general ] Message 17384: Sun Feb 23, 1992  3:31am
From:   (bobeson@arapaho)
Subject: Re(17383): WHAT A PARTY!

Indeed, it was most non-heinous.
[ general ] Message 17388: Sun Feb 23, 1992  1:03pm
From: Gabriella (apollo@VAX.MILLS.EDU)
Subject: smirk

Most fun. When's the next one? ;)

[ general ] Message 17393: Sun Feb 23, 1992  1:42pm
From: anon y. mous (dev@si)
Subject: party was great...

thank *gawd* i walked to it. i was not a happy camper when
i woke up this morning. more from staying up late and having
fun and drinking lots than from a hangover (which one does 
get from drinking too much, only my hangover seems to exist
soley of feeling tired, that i haven't had anything to eat
in a while, too little sleep, and i'm a bit thirsty. no major
headache or anything like that. at this point i just wanna go
back to sleep or get something to eat... (i had to get up 
far too earlier to go to work this morning...)

thanks for a great party john. i hope arthur gives you at
least 30 days notice to find a new place... :-)
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