The Newly Created Armory

[ appliance ] Message 48: Wed Jan 18 1989 2:21pm
From: Zaphod, Fugitive Galactic Prez
Subject: The Armory

  is at 305 McMillan.  Living here are myself, Mike (crnivor), Dierdre (siona),
Elizabeth (mischif), and Verna (penguin).  So, to start with, we have more
b-geeks than you-all!  :-)
  We have 4 computers (3 full-size: PC-XT, PC-AT, and a Mac), and two vt100's 
that will be hooked up to my '386 if I ever get it and run Xenix.  We will
soon have 3 phone lines; we'd like more but the ground cable that comes in only
has three and it's $$$ to have more installed.  Lucky to have three; there were
some Genuine Computer Scientists living here at some time in the past.
  Unfortunately it isn't on the ravine.  Of course we can probably see what
used to be 'Tron from our roof, and they are, so if there are any cool people
still living there we could always have an Instititute-Armory-Tron-House link.
  Castle Greyskull is somewheres below Mission so not much chance of getting
a link there unless we collaborate on some robot mice and have them pull cables
through the sewers, and then jump out of toilets and terrorize the neighborhood.
  The ratio of appliances to people doesn't count, so there!  :-)  Only the 
TOTAL!  I counted Small Electric Kitchen Applicances last night, and all are
not yet moved in.  True that we have only two Coffee Appliances (one coffee 
maker, one coffe mill), but then we have six blend/mixing devices so far...
two Blender-On-A-Sticks, one regular blender, two mixers, and one
  Also, what you want to read is my toe file, not my finger file... well, maybe
both, but the long one is my toe file... still at slightly over 30,000 words
since I've been moving and haven't had much time to continue my revision to the
second draft... :-)
[ appliance ] Message 55: Thu Jan 19 1989 1:28pm
From: Zaphod, Fugitive Galactic Prez
Subject: the Armory

     will be around for a year at least, maybe much longer.  At least
four of us will be here over the summer.
     Oh, btw... this is the FIRST LOGIN from the Armory!  
     My number has changed since we're on a different switch here...
it's now 458-9347 for those who are interested.  If you dial the old
number, 462-3443, a Genuine Computer Voice will tell you the new number.
But only for three months.  My mnemonic for the new number is: well, you
gotta remember 458 but that's a common prefix.  Then start with 9.  The
next digit is the square root of that.  Then increment that number to get
the next digit.  Add the new digit to the previous one to get the final
digit.  Neat eh?  Well, it worked for me & Dierdre, but did not seem to
stick in the mind of Verna or John Whorfin, who happened to be lazing by
this morning.  Funny thing, he said something about deja vu...
     I think it will be rather difficult to get on the roof of the Armory
without a ladder.  Anyone ever do it at 'Tron?  Radios would be handy.  I
could point my paramike at the House but that might be stretching its range
and anyway Matthew would need one too.  Maybe I should repost what
happened to my friend and I when we were trying to get a laser line-of-sight
in PG.  In fact I think I will... watch for it!  :-)
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