Genesis of the Armory

From spcecdt Sat Dec 10 18:42:32 1988
To: mischif
Subject: where, o where?

    Mail me and tell me where you are (apt. # or whatever.)  
I hafta go get my laundry now, so I will be mesg n.

From mischif (66123000)
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 88 18:44:54 pst
To: spcecdt
Subject: hi

i am at c-11
do you know how to get there?

From spcecdt Sat Dec 10 23:50:43 1988
To: mischif
Subject: stopped by your place after my brief visit with my other friend

    but you were asleep.  Oh well... :-)  Nice seeing you again; I barely
remembered what you looked like from last summer since it was rather dark
    What particular price range are you looking for for housing?

From spcecdt Sat Jan  7 15:38:32 1989
To: mischif
Subject: Important!

   I *must* talk to you about the place on McMillan!  Soon!

   462-3443 or 462-6029.

	John  ;-)
From mischif (66123000)
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 89 18:57:52 pst
To: spcecdt
Subject: opps

i have been calling you all day.....
and getting no answer...opps
i have been trying to call 426-3442
dant be angre please, i am going in
search of a pay phone right now
because i finally got on to b and
discovered that i was wrong.


From shades (Darksiders)
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 89 20:14:06 pst
To: spcecdt
Subject: house

this is kristin and me 'n elizabeth are much interested in your

house type prosepects, but it is not good to talk at the place where

she is living NOW, but we couldn't get ahold of you, and what is your

current number so we can get ahold of you, 'cause i would like to see

the place  while i am up here for the week, so get in touch, dude.
From spcecdt Sun Jan  8 22:16:38 1989
To: shades
Subject: Re: house
Cc: mischif

     The numbers here are 462-3443 and 462-6029.
     The house is at 305 McMillan.  It is a klone of 'Tron.  It has a huge
backyard, etc.  It looks bigger inside because it has not had part of the
living room made into another room like they did at 'Tron.
     The rent is $1475/mo.  The deposit was $1000, but he liked us enough
that he called me yesterday and said he would halve it, to $500.  Also, he
would give us a week of free rent... he would only charge us for half a 
month for this month, but we could move in immediately.  BUT, he wants an
answer (and the first (half), last and deposit) immediately... he wanted an
answer yesterday.  Otherwise he is going to give it to another group.
     I figured that if we got 5 people in there, I would take the large room
(the master bedroom) and pay $375; two people would share the next largest
room and pay $250 each, and two people would take the other two rooms and pay
$300 each.  We would each put in $100 for the deposit.  The cost to move in
would be first, last, and deposit, which would be 1 1/2 times the rent for
the room + $100.  Anyone who has to give 30 days notice (like me) would lose
some money but that's life... I would just ask my manager to find another
person for my apartment as soon as possible and refund however much of my
rent was left over when they found another person.
     The rooms other than the master bedroom are not too large, about big
enough for two beds and not much else (though there is a closet) so if the
people sharing a room wanted room for a desk they would need to get someone
to make them a loft.   There is plenty of storage space though; there is a
     I suppose it would make sense to have 2 people share the master bedroom
rather than one of the smaller rooms, but the other rooms are smaller than
the bedroom I have now which is barely big enough for me... :-)  Also, I would
need to curtain off part of it for my workshop which is in my walk-in closet
now.  Anyway, this way I pay a disproportionate amount of the rent which makes
it easier on everyone else.
     One possible configuration would be me in the master bedroom, Elizabeth
an Dierdre in the separate rooms, and Verna and Kristin sharing a room, though
I don't know whether Kristin wants to share a room.  Or, if Verna cannot get
the money together, maybe Elizabeth and Kristen in a room and someone else in
the other room...
     The key ingredient here is speed.  If you can't move in this week, or 
can't afford to lose some rent money where you are now, then this will not
work out... the guy really wanted an answer yesterday.  It would be too bad
becauas it is really a great place, right near campus and near the other
interesting households... :-) 

From mischif (66123000)
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 89 13:20:43 pst
To: spcecdt
Subject: christ john

i am trieing to get ahold of you
really i am


i am going to be in class from 2:00 to 3:10
but then i will log back in to look for you
if you are not here i will then go home
and call every 10 minuetes, like a good girl
untill i catch you

the room sounds good, but i need you to talk me into it


From crnivor (Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos)
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 89 21:04:39 pst
To: spcecdt
Subject: Re: housing...


As in *A PLACE TO LIVE*?!?!?!




   At present, I am sleeping on a floor, and everything I own out here is
just being stored in my car.
From penguin (66236000)
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 89 15:07:16 pst
To: spcecdt
Subject: housing.

You might get this twice but I don't know I think I killed the first one though.
Anyway, Arthur just called us and he still wants to rent to us.  Instead of me
sending you tons of mail why don't you call me at work (the number is 476-8128.)
and I will tell you what was said.  I'll be there from 5-9:30p.m.  PLEASE!!!
get in touch with me.  He's going to call you at 11p.m. but I have to talk to
you first.  SO please call.  Talk to you later.  Yea!  We've got a house.
From spcecdt Tue Jan 10 18:35:11 1989
To: crnivor
Subject: house

   The landlord wants to meet with all of us tomorrow, to meet us all
and get the rent, etc.  What times do you have available?  Include
any time that is at all possible since it may be hard finding a time
suitable for all of us...

From spcecdt Tue Jan 10 18:40:13 1989
To: mischif
Subject: house

   OK, the place is still available.  Since Kristen can not move in
with us, I reworked the plan a bit.  The idea now is that I pay $375
for the master bedroom, 3 people pay $300 for the other 3 rooms, and
Verna pays $200 and we set aside part of the living room with curtains
or barriers for her (it's a large living room that is sort of L-shaped,
so it is no problem.)  I did that because the only person I could find to
replace Kristen wants a room to himself (his name is Micheal Scott, 
account crnivor.)
   I told Arthur that we wanted the place.  He wants to meet with all of
us tomorrow to meet us, get the rent, etc.  What times would be possible
for you?  Include any times that would be at all possible since it may
be hard to find a time that we can all make.
   Call me, and if I'm not home, mail me...

From spcecdt Wed Jan 11 13:41:23 1989
To: mischif
Subject: house

     the landlord didn't call last night like he was s'posed to; 
he called this morning instead.  He wants to meet with us all at
noon tomorrow at the house, take our money, have us sign the 
lease, and give us the keys.  He esp. wants to meet with the ones
he hasn't met before (you and mike).  Can you make it at noon?
The address is 305 McMillan.
     Some other things... he is a tad paranoid... wants clean, quiet
people who don't party, are not constantly coming and going, etc.  I
have simply told him that we are like that (though I didn't promise
never to have a party.)  He also wants a min. # of cars on the street,
and no junkers.  What condition is your car in?  All of this is because
he doesn't want to take any flak from the neighbors.  Once me move in
I think it will all be ok, since compared to his previous tenants I'm
sure we will be much more to his liking.
From queue (Qarin)
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 89 11:44:47 pst
To: spcecdt
Subject: new house

congrats!  so... where is it?  i wanna come by and visit.
i  like having friends nearby, so when i get tired of
hanging out at home, i can hang out there.  you're welcome
here, too, of course. who all's living there?

From spcecdt Sat Jan 14 00:26:03 1989
To: jongull
Subject: Re: hi there...

     I'm doin' ok.  Just moved up near campus, to a place on McMillan.
This is one of my last logins from my old abode... the monitor and keyboard
are sitting on the floor since I've already moved the desk.  Lordy I hate
moving... six trips so far, who knows how many to go.  Maybe I should give
up my worldly possesions and enter a monastery... whaddya think?

[ appliance ] Message 48: Wed Jan 18 1989 2:21pm
From: Zaphod, Fugitive Galactic Prez
Subject: The Armory

  is at 305 McMillan.  Living here are myself, Mike (crnivor), Dierdre (siona),
Elizabeth (mischif), and Verna (penguin).  So, to start with, we have more
b-geeks than you-all!  :-)
  We have 4 computers (3 full-size: PC-XT, PC-AT, and a Mac), and two vt100's 
that will be hooked up to my '386 if I ever get it and run Xenix.  We will
soon have 3 phone lines; we'd like more but the ground cable that comes in only
has three and it's $$$ to have more installed.  Lucky to have three; there were
some Genuine Computer Scientists living here at some time in the past.
  Unfortunately it isn't on the ravine.  Of course we can probably see what
used to be 'Tron from our roof, and they are, so if there are any cool people
still living there we could always have an Instititute-Armory-Tron-House link.
  Castle Greyskull is somewheres below Mission so not much chance of getting
a link there unless we collaborate on some robot mice and have them pull cables
through the sewers, and then jump out of toilets and terrorize the neighborhood.
  The ratio of appliances to people doesn't count, so there!  :-)  Only the 
TOTAL!  I counted Small Electric Kitchen Applicances last night, and all are
not yet moved in.  True that we have only two Coffee Appliances (one coffee 
maker, one coffe mill), but then we have six blend/mixing devices so far...
two Blender-On-A-Sticks, one regular blender, two mixers, and one
  Also, what you want to read is my toe file, not my finger file... well, maybe
both, but the long one is my toe file... still at slightly over 30,000 words
since I've been moving and haven't had much time to continue my revision to the
second draft... :-)
[ appliance ] Message 55: Thu Jan 19 1989 1:28pm
From: Zaphod, Fugitive Galactic Prez
Subject: the Armory

     will be around for a year at least, maybe much longer.  At least
four of us will be here over the summer.
     Oh, btw... this is the FIRST LOGIN from the Armory!  
     My number has changed since we're on a different switch here...
it's now 458-9347 for those who are interested.  If you dial the old
number, 462-3443, a Genuine Computer Voice will tell you the new number.
But only for three months.  My mnemonic for the new number is: well, you
gotta remember 458 but that's a common prefix.  Then start with 9.  The
next digit is the square root of that.  Then increment that number to get
the next digit.  Add the new digit to the previous one to get the final
digit.  Neat eh?  Well, it worked for me & Dierdre, but did not seem to
stick in the mind of Verna or John Whorfin, who happened to be lazing by
this morning.  Funny thing, he said something about deja vu...
     I think it will be rather difficult to get on the roof of the Armory
without a ladder.  Anyone ever do it at 'Tron?  Radios would be handy.  I
could point my paramike at the House but that might be stretching its range
and anyway Matthew would need one too.  Maybe I should repost what
happened to my friend and I when we were trying to get a laser line-of-sight
in PG.  In fact I think I will... watch for it!  :-)
     I found a large box of Penthouses, etc. in the attic while I was
installing infernal, er, interal wiring (none of the bedrooms had ceiling
[ appliance ] Message 68: Fri Jan 20 1989 1:59am
From: Zaphod, Fugitive Galactic Prez
Subject: Armory Attacked by Laser!!!!

    well actually not attacked.  just beamed at, by Matthew's 2 mW HeNe laser.
I was eating dinner when he walked in and said, "the beam is about this big"
(shows 30 cm circle).  Took me a moment to figure out what he was talking
about.  Went out, and lo and behold, there was a bright red circle bouncing
around the front of our attic (bouncing because it was being obligingly held
by Eric at the House).
     What we will do:  to start, I think we'll make an ordinary IRED xciever
system, forgoing lasers at the moment in the interest of actually getting 
something done.  Perhaps a digitally controlled tranmitter, which could be
remotely keyed by equipment that would start out PWM'ing or FM'ing it to 
encode voice, and later send data.  
     Making it a simple RS422 communications device might be
best; that way it could be used to connect my '386 if/when I get it and am
running Xenix, and his Mac II running (eventually) A/UX, via ports.  19.2
or 38.4 would probably be enough.  Maybe faster later with a real laser link.
From spcecdt Fri Jun  2 00:12:45 1989
To: kevc
Subject: Arthur E. Fischer

     Do yoiu know if our landlord Arthur Fischer is Arthur E. Fischer,
prof of math, with Crown College?


p.s., hope i see you at the beach party!
From kevc (71105000)
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 89 12:21:16 -0700
To: spcecdt
Subject: Re: Arthur E. Fischer

	Yes, he is the professer of math and econ.  He also has
an MD.  He told me that he likes going to school.

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