Allen becomes an Armorite

From lazlor Mon Aug 20 18:15:16 1990
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 90 18:15:05 -0700
From: lazlor (Allen)
To: spcecdt
Subject: Hi there.
Cc: lazlor@ucscl

I hear Lisa and Carol are Real Close Now (tm) to getting a house. Is Lisa's
room going up for rent? I just found out I need a house by Sept 4th or so.
(bleah). I don't know what rent is, but I would be willing to pay 350-400 
(negociable, maybe as high as 425 including utilities) for Lisa's single.
I'm goin to be around for over a year (have two more years of school). I
have upper division CIS classes this year, so I won't be a loud party person
(not that I ever am). I game, I geek sometimes, I like Pyrotechniques (but I
can never remember where the goes). I work for communications in consulting
and operations (my folks foot my housing, so payments are secure.)

P.S. If this isn't the Space Cadet (tm) from the Armoury, then ignore the
above, I've been in panama for a few months and am out of touch. I thought
you were armorer (armoror was your housemate?) and that Space Cadet (tm) was
toast. Is this ressurection one if the wonders of COAC?

Sorry I missed the 4th of July Beach Party (it was raining in Panama, not even
any mortar fire or hand grenades or anything exciting) :)

Allen (Smith)
From lazlor@ucscl.UCSC.EDU Thu Aug 23 12:12:28 1990
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 90 12:12:32 -0700
From: lazlor@ucscl.UCSC.EDU (Allen)
To: spcecdt@ucscb.UCSC.EDU
Subject: Re: Hi there.

Well the way it's going I would go for verna's old room as a last resort.
Does it still have that movable wall? hmm.... Well, I would really like
Lisa's, but if your house mates go for Jeff I'll make do.

From!!lazlor Fri Aug 24 16:26:36 1990
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 90 15:17:40 -0700
From: (Allen)
To: deeptht!
Subject: Small room in Armoury

I'm interested, if Jeff gets Lisa's. My other places have fallen through.

When will it be open?

From spcecdt Sun Sep  2 14:32:51 1990
From: (John DuBois)
Subject: Re: How's it going?
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 90 14:32:51 PDT

     We haven't heard from Wayne.  We aren't going to wait any longer.
So, assume you can move in.  We're going to try to get hold of Jeff
tonight to see if he still wants to move in.  If he does, you get the
downstairs room, otherwise the upstairs.
     A couple of notes...  When Dierdre moved out no one took over the
house phone from her, so there isn't one anymore.  In other words
everyone needs to get a line of their own (we all have one already).
Also, if you need to move out of wherever you are now, you can move
in to the downstairs room now (Lisa hasn't vacated the upstairs room
yet).  See ya!

From!!lazlor Sun Sep  2 17:26:39 1990
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 90 17:52:42 -0700
From: (Allen)
To: deeptht!
Subject: Re: How's it going?

Hot Damn! Ok. I need to move out over the next week, so I have a little leeway.
My own line will have to wait until pay-day at least.

I can come over Tommorow or Tuesday with checks.

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