“On The Use Of Fictionalized Pragma To Induce Levity”

Anne Church, David Van Brink — Aleph Zwei Research Committee


A party is to be held. Times and dates are postulated,
with intent for later, reader verification. A conceptual
framework is developed which is expected to guide and
promote a sense of "fun" or "confusion". Various ersatz
scientific themes are utilized in place of their
authentic counterparts; this is justified in terms
of time saved (with respect to actual research or
correlation of data) and a greater compatibility with
alternative research methods (i.e. loud music, and
mixed "intoxicating" beverages).

0. www.alephzwei.com for late-breaking news

1. Coordinates

1.1 Halloween Costume Party
1.1.1 "Mad Science Fair"
1.2 Saturday, 2000 October 28, 8pm or thereabouts, until thereabouts
1.3 111 Echo Street, Santa Cruz
1.4 The residence of Anne and David
1.5 831.471.2406 / poly@omino.com / ansi@omino.com

2. Experimental Procedure

2.1 Costumes encouraged!
2.1.1 Possible de-shoing required
2.2 Experiments encouraged!
    We should have various measuring and observation
    apparatus, and a Wall Of Data upon which to collect
    these measurements for correlation.

    I'm going to try to have a Thrasher Microwave, so if
    there's anything you need to microwave and observe,
    that experiment is facilitated.
2.3 Prizes for "Best Good Science" and "Best Bad Science"
    to be awarded.
2.4 A "contamination chamber" leading to the "Filth Room"
    will be installed and operational.
2.5 A cerebral transfer device will be installed
    and operational.

3. Invitation

3.1 If you're reading this, you're probably invited! I have sent
    this to one or two mailing lists where I don't know everyone;
    if you'd like to come, then, Hell, I'd love to meet you.
    Drop me a line (poly@omino.com) and we can make sure you
    get the "special" treatment you expect and deserve.
3.2 We have a goodly bit of crash space possible if needed. If
    you're traveling from afar (or lay a bit more science on yo ass
    than is strictly compatible with driving home) then you'll just
    have to spend the night here.
3.3 If there's someone you need to bring, then bring them
    you must.

4. Solicitation

4.1. If you've got something you'd like to set up, or show,
     or perform, that would be great. Let me know so we
     can arrange properly.

5. On Pheremone Usage

5.1 Human
5.1.1 Allowed
5.1.2 Encouraged
5.2 Feline
5.2.1 Felines will be unavailable during this procedure
5.2.2 However, their pheremone traces *may* still be active!
      If you are sensitive to this phenomenon, please take
      any necessary precautions!

6. Conclusion

6.1 TBD!