My father got me into electronics when I was a child. He had been into electronics too; he even had an Allied Radio Corp. tube-based 100-in-1 kit around. So, he started me out playing with little kits, then Heathkits, etc., so that by early grade school it was obvious that that was going to be the major direction my life would take. Playing with light bulbs and batteries evolved into wiring up more complex circuits, and eventually working with real electronics.

After I left high school by means of the CHSPE, I entered the electronics program at Monterey Peninsula College, which fortunately for me was at its peak at that time. I learned a lot there that has helped me since. I ended up getting an AS in electronics technology at MPC. By that time, I had gotten a computer (a Commodore 64!) and was very interested in them. Thus, when I transferred to UCSC it was to pursue a computer science degree.

Since then, I've spent more of my time playing with computers than low-level electronics, though the knowledge comes in handy in repairing the computers. Here are some things I've worked on in those years, as well as some from further back:

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