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Take a look at the games we played in 2002, 2003 or 2004.

January 8

11:00 AM Tactica II by Doug Lange and Bob Burke. The Macedonians take on the Persians. 2000 point armies provided, up to 6 players.
11:00 AM Platoon Commander: WW2 by Joe Cenizal. Eastern Front mayhem in 25/28mm. Lots o' fun for all!
11:00 AM The Age of Arthur by Ix Nichols. A DBA campaign set in post-Roman Britain. Each player is a petty king trying to build his own power and prestige amidst the chaos of the ongoing Saxon invasion. 4-8 players, everything provided. Read the rules at
7:00 PM Fire and Fury by Ix Nichols. Yesterday Confederate general Taylor defeated Nathaniel P. Banks' larger Union force at the Sabine Crossroads, and drove them back in disorder to Pleasant Hill. Now Taylor is set to attack, determined to destroy the Union invaders once and for all. 4-5 players, everything provided.

February 12

The February meeting of the South Bay Gaming Club was held at The Shield gaming convention at the San Ramon Marriott in San Ramon. South Bay Gaming Club members got a $5 discount on this coming year's dues (2005-2006) if they paid the $10 entry fee for The Shield conference.

March 12

10 o'clock high The Mesquite County Wars Campaign by Darrell Empey and Gary Price. A series of games for GWH's "Legends of the Old West", set in a very picturesque 25mm Western town. First, a short practice game or two to learn the mechanics, then a discussion of the campaign itself (which will begin in April). A truly eye-candy gaming experience complete with scheduled Guest Appearances by Black Bart, Judge Fogey and Heffe Gink. 4-10 players, everything supplied but feel free to bring your own figures if you'd like.
11:00 AM Deadful Medley -or- A Night at the (Peking) Opera by Eric Lindberg. Pulp adventure meets Hong Kong martial-arts film for a high-kicking, bone-crunching, action showdown! In late 17th c. China, bandits, triads, and various others vie for control over an ancient musical instrument alleged to have mystical powers. Includes Kung-fu, Sword-fu, Spear-fu, Whip-fu, Clown-fu, Ninjas. Heads do roll. Joe Bob says check it out. The rules are called Astounding Tales, 4-10 players, everything provided.
11:00 AM Tactica II by the Usual Suspects. Another playtest of Tactica II, once again using a classic clash between Alexander's Macedonians and King Poros' Indians to test the rules. Arrows and pikes and elephants, oh my! Everything provided in 15mm.
12:00 AM Guards Meet the Death Head by Richard Henkus. On 12th July, 1943 only remnants of a Russian rifle division stand between the key rail head at Obayan leading to Kursk and the SS PanzerGrenadiers of 'Totenkopf'. The 10th Guards Tank Corps hopes to stop them. Using Richard's own computer-assisted Active Armor rules with fog of war so complete you'll wonder which side your miniatures are really on. For 2-4 players.
12:00 AM WWII in the Western Desert by Richard Pullin. An Aussies vs. Afrika Korps clash in a Western Desert setting featuring barbed wire, tank ditches, trenches, and fast vehicles with thin armor and small guns. Rumors of Stukas abound. WWII game using Rapid Fire! rules and 20mm figures for 3 to 6 players.

April 9

11:00 AM Mesquite County Wars by the Empey Gang. The first game of an ongoing Legends of the Old West campaign. New players always welcome. Everything supplied by Judge Fogey, Heffe Gink and other disreputables.

May 14

11:00 AM Tactica II playtest by Chris and Doug and Bob. The Second Punic War... Rome versus Carthage... elephants versus Hastatii. This will be a playtest with some new line relief rules.
11:00 AM Another Day in Mesquite County by the Empey Gang. The Mesquite County Wars Campaign continues. Another in a series of LotOW games. New players are welcome, and everything is supplied by these friendly old coots of the SBGC, but don't be fooled by their gruff charm... they'll shoot at you, too, given half a chance. So saddle up, join in the fun, and watch your back, mister.
2:00 PM Vistula Bridgehead 1944. The Russian 3rd Guards Tank Corps has established a bridgehead across the Vistula river. A kampfgroup from the 25th Panzer Division seeks to contain the damage. Rules are Active Armor WWII, a computer assisted division/corps-level gaming system that does all the bookkeeping, leaving you free to play the game. 2-3 players, everything provided.

June 11

11:00 AM Mesquite County Wars by the Empey Gang. Yet another rip-roaring game of shoot 'em up in the late 1800's American Southwest. Everything supplied as usual. Starring Capt. Newcom, Black Bart, Zechariah Bana and Sheriff John Cahill. Possible guest appearances by Kid Wade, Thomas Anderson, Sheriff Dan Marino, the inscrutable Lo Pan, and you.
11:00 AM The Punic Wars by Chris Salander and Doug Lange. Republican Romans versus Carthaginians in 15mm. Tactica II playtest. We will try to get two battles in.
11:00 AM Vistula Bridgehead 1944. by Richard Henkus. The Russian 3rd Guards Tank Corps has established a bridgehead across the Vistula river. A kampfgruppe from the 25th Panzer Division seeks to contain the damage. Rules are Active Armor WWII, a computer assisted division/corps-level gaming system that does all the bookkeeping, leaving you free to play the game. 2-3 players, everything provided.
2:00 PM Battle of Towton by Eric Lindberg. A Big Battle DBA game of the pivotal Wars of the Roses battle. All figures and terrain provided.

July 9

11:00 AM A Pyrrhic Victory? King Pyrrhus and his Epirots take on the Republican Romans in 15mm. Pikes versus short swords. Another Tactica II playtest.
11:00 AM Mesquite County Wars Campaign by Old Man Empey and the boys, using Lords of the Old West. In this episode, the trial of Zechariah Bana and its aftermath. Starring Good Guys and Bad Guys and other rip-roarin' pistol pullers. Everything supplied. New players welcome but must be there by 10:30 for indoctrination!

August 6

11:00 AM Critter Commandos by Dave Smith. Bugs Bunny meets Warhammer 40K... everything provided for 4-6 players. Just bring your sense of humor.
High Noon Legends of the Old West by the Empey Gang. More thrilling episodes in the ongoing drama around Mesquite County, where gun totin' roughnecks make Boot Hill a booming Western development project.
12:00 PM Dreadnought Hunting a game of General Quarters by Ix. Once again, the French and Italians grope around the Mediterannean in a double-blind, map-based mini-campaign, seeking each other out for a fleet-sized 1916 slugfest. Using 1/6000 scale miniatures and lots of cool little naval gaming toys.
12:00 PM The Romans Go To Asia by the Infinite Loop Playtest Group (Chris, Bob, and Doug). Romans take on Seleucids in 15mm, in another Tactica II playtest. 2 to 6 players.
5:00 PM The Battle of Mons, August 1914 by Chris Salander. The British Expeditionary Force marches off its ships and into Belgium to stop the Huns; but they did not expect that there would be so many of them... Square Bashing (fast play) with 20mm miniatures. 2 to 4 players.
5:00 High Legends of the Old West by the Empey Gang. The action continues in Mesquite County. Saddle up, grab your guns, and ride on in for the sundown shootout!

September 24

11:00 AM Rome Versus The Barbarians by the Tactica Zombies: Doug, Bob, and Chris. Travel back to the days when men were men and togas were cheap. The wild and crazy guys from the North meet up with Marian's Legions. 15mm Tactica II playtest. Wear your woad. Everything provided.
11:00 AM Vermillion Gorge Aftermath by the Empey Gang. Another Old West rip-roaring shoot-'em-up as marauders from the recent Vermillion Gorge cattle rustling affair have been tracked to a remote ranch. Part of the Legends of the Old West campaign, presented by those ol' hombres from the Mesquite County Bullit Spitters Society. Newbies should show up at 11:00 AM for some rules learnin'. The actual game begins at high noon.
11:00 AM Siege at Baba Ram, 1857, Indian Mutiny by Bob Bergman. The surrounded defenders of the British residency at Baba Ram fight to keep from being overrun by the mutinous sepoys of the Bengal Army and their Afghan mercenaries. All players are on the same side (although some players can move the mutineers for me if they want to help). Area movement, fast play, plenty of nail-biting moments, Flashman, Lt. Faversham, Gurkhas, Highlanders, Rifle Corps, and even Gunga Din as a young man - plenty of fun for everyone! Bob's variation of the MacDuff to the Frontier colonial rules.
5:00 PM The Battle of Britain or Thereabouts by Chris Salander. 1/144 scale models take to the skies as the Germans attempt to bomb Britain into submission. Introductory scenarios for new players, unusual new planes and scenarios for the more experienced. Using John Stanoch's Squadrons rules set, with a hexless implementation by Chris Salander.

October 15

11:00 AM Crimean War Story by Bob Burke. A 15mm game using Bob's own published rules, They Died For Glory. Up to 8 players, everything provided.
11:00 AM Poker Night by The Empey Gang. Just a quiet afternoon of card shufflin' and double dealin' - 'til the shootin' starts. Everything supplied but bring luck, you'll need it. Part of an ongoing LotOW Mesquite County Wars campaign, presented by the Heffe Gink Loanatorium.
12:00 PM Belleau Wood, 1918 by Chris Salander. As the Germans press on towards Paris, the American command throws into the front line the only experienced troops they have, including the U.S. Marines. The first sergeant to reach the area encounters a retreating Frenchman who encourages him to do the same. His reply? "Retreat hell. We just got here." If there is enough time and interest, the game will include both the US attack and the German counter attack. "I would rate them as Stormtroopers." - General Ludendorff about the US Marines. Rules: Square Bashing Scale: 20mm
1:00 PM Wadi You Mean, There's a Tank Behind That Hill? by Stan Kubiak. Armor-only (maybe; maybe not) battle in the Western Desert in WW2 using Flames of War rules; 15mm British and Afrika Korps tank units meet in a free-for-all amidst the hills and wadis of Bir-el-Something-or-Other. 6-8 players or so.
6:00 PM The Napoleonic Wars by Ix Nichols. The GMT boardgame depicting the entire Napoleonic Wars from start to finish. This is a superb game with excellent replay value - no two games ever go the same way. Up to 5 players, no experience necessary.

November 12

11:00 AM Battle of Jintian, 1851 by Eric Lindberg. The opening battle of the Taiping Rebellion in China, using Brother Against Brother and 25mm miniatures. Up to 7 players.
11:00 AM RETURN TO RED ROCK and END OF THE TRAIL. More Old West shoot 'em up action in the final two scenarios of the current Mesquite County Wars campaign. Second game follows the first. Presented by Heffe Gink and the Mesquite County Recreation Committe.
4:00 PM The Napoleonic Wars by Ix Nichols. Another session of the boardgame covering the whole of the Napoleonic Wars in one sit-down. Up to 5 players; email Ix if you want to be sure to get a seat.

December 10

11:00 AM The Battle of Brunswick, 1809 by Chris Salander. The Duke leads his Black Band home, only to find his way blocked by a force of Westphalians. Can he cut his way out or will he die gloriously in a duchy famous for liver sausage? Need a Napoleonics fix? This is it -- a small, fast game using General de Brigade and 20mm figures. Scenario originally published in Battlefields, Age of Napoleon, and GdB scenario book #2.
11:00 AM Siege of the "No-Luck" Residency, 1857, Indian Mutiny by Bob Bergman. Another return of the popular, fast-moving Indian Mutiny game where everyone plays on the same side. The surrounded defenders of the British residency at No-Luck fight to keep from being overrun by the mutinous sepoys of the Bengal Army and their Afghan mercenary allies. Area movement, random events, fast play, plenty of nail-biting moments, Flashman in the Great Game, Lt. Faversham, Gurkhas, Highlanders, Rifle Corps, and even Gunga Din as a young man - plenty of fun for everyone! Bob's variation of the MacDuff to the Frontier colonial rules, heavily modified. Everything provided, just get yourself to the frontier and join your unit.
11:00 AM The Flying Monkeys by Lawrence Goslinowski. WW1 aircraft in 1/144 scale aircraft do battle over the fields of Campbell, using Mr. Stan Kubiak's published rule set, Aerodrome version 1.1. The planes will all be Lawrence's early to mid-war models. Lawrence will be trying a nonstandard maneuver along with a rule modification: everyone who shoots will be rewarded... Up to 8 players.
12:00 PM Bentonville - "Last Stand in the Carolinas" March 1865 by Richard Henkus. At a small plantation near Bentonville, Joseph E. Johnston and what is left of the Army of the Tenessee plans a trap to destroy Sherman's advancing XIC and XX Corps. A 15mm American Civil War game using Fire and Fury rules. 4 hours, 2 to 4 players. Everything provided but the rebel yells.

Scheduling Policy

If you'd like to submit a game, you can mail it to the webmaster. Please include a brief description of the game, a start time, and the size/number of 4' x 4' tables required. If you don't specify a time, the game will be scheduled at either 12:00 PM (noon) or 6:00 PM (whichever the scheduler considers more convenient), and the default table size is 4' x 8'. You may include downloadable files with your game description if you like.

As a matter of policy, the club does not post contact information for individual members on the Web site. If you wish to have an e-mail address or phone number listed with your event, you will have to make the request explicitly each time you offer a game. Also, if you want a favorite link added to the web site, provide the URL and a brief explanation of why the link might be of interest.

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