Full Throttle 'til you see Elvis

then brake

Jeff Longacre(This is what happens working too late) is R/T Racer and that korny line above could be called my creedo(Or maybe I read it on a T Shirt?). I'm an Electronic Engineer stuck in a Technical Support nightmare. I work for Lam Research in Fremont California Traveling, extreme sports, and finding new forms of trouble are my loves.

As you may have been able to tell by the layout of the other pages, I love motorcycles, cars, skydiving and, mountain biking. My bikes consist of the good 'ol 1992 Katana, a killer 1995 GSXR750, and a recently acquired 1983 CR480. The cars are a 1969 Charger R/T(Get it) and a Super Street 73 Dart Sport. Both of these were geared toward straight line competition. Admittedly the first two hobbies have left the others a bit behind but they are still a love and I have many a story about all.

A bit of history to start off. My previous experiences as a drag racer (A misspent youth in Nebraska to be sure) took a real 'twist' when I moved out here to California in '92. I was introduced to these things called mountains which, strangely enough, have these totally awesome roads all over them. The only bad things about these roads is that they have to be shared with all these other vehicles that you could swear had brake lights stuck on and these other grumpy guys hired by the state who feel that you should not really be allowed to explore the limits of nerve and machine.


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