Production Quality Programmer.

This Production Quality Programmer is powered by the RS232 and it works with RS232 levels at only < ±7.5V. Vcc is software controled in range from 1.5V to 6.5V (±0.125V) and Vpp is fixed at 13V. The programmer use very low power and it works on weak RS232 ports. Voltage verification circuit ensures that the voltage is high enough.

List of Components


Download PIC16C84 software (22K)

Download PCB-Layout (100K)

The programmer is designed to program PIC14000, 12C5XX, 16C55X, 16C6X, 16C62X, 16C7X, 16C7XX and 16C8X, but only PIC16C84 software is aviable.

RS232 is current limitted and the PIC survive if it is wrong inserted.

List of Components.
Download PIC16C84 software, PQP84V10.ZIP (22K).
Download PCB-Layout, PQPPCB10.ZIP (100K).

PCB is generated with PCBTOPCX.

The programmer has some disadvantages:
Too low risetime on MCLR.
MCLR pulled down below 0V.
C2 may be wrong polarized when all input low.
Voltage across C1 may exceed 16V.
Reading / Programming is very slow.
C3 wrong polarized when DTR high, 550ľA.
Standard sockets for all PIC's.
Does only work from dos.
Only PIC16C84 programming.
The disadvantages is a result of the developing process. Current should be low to guarentee power enough by RS232. It should be possible to guarentee all voltages and only few adjustments. Software should be able to adjust with maximum ±0.25V on Vcc. The programmer works when programming PIC16C84 but it does not guarentee risetime on MCLR and it is not able to use with all PIC's.

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