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LOOK at this VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC to ALL who Love Science and Technology!: Mark Kinsler's TECHNOLOGY IN PRMARY SCIENCE EDUCATION

The ChipDir in the Netherlands

Tony van Roon's Wonderful Tutorial Site (Great Art Work!)

University of Iowa Asst. Prof. Doug W. Jones' DEFINITIVE Tutorial on Stepper Motors and all sorts of neat stuff!

Tomi Holger Engdahl's site!

Craig Peacock's "BeyondLogic.Org" (Wonderful "Interfacing The PC" Tutorials!)

Nico Coesel's 8051 MIDI Keyboard Projects

Bill Bowden's Hobby Circuits (Great!)

Terry Pinnell's Circuits! His Circuits Now In PhotoBucket!!

Richard Torren's 4QD Discrete Electronic Circuit Site!, and Motor Controls Business (!

FilipG's Fantastic Repair Anything FAQ File Pages! GREAT!!

Aaron Cake's Great Schematic GIF Pages!

The QBasic Page

Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive

Microprocessor Instruction Set cards

Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine Home Page

David Tait's Site

Mirror of David Tait's PIC archive

Microcontroller and Electronic Project Page - IguanaLabs! ('51/2051)

The 8052 Online Resource

Assoc. Prof. Peter H. Anderson Morgan State University, Parallel Port, Basic Stamp, PIC, Stepper Motor Control, and I2C Stuff!! Great!!

Jan Axelson's LakeView Research - Info on Parallel Ports (SPP/ECP/EPP) and the 8052-BASIC Microcontroller and her books on several topics and her articles. She has published books: "Making Printed Circuit Boards", "The Microcontroller Idea Book". Now Evaluate/Order Her most recent book, "Parallel Port Complete" from her directly! It's VERY Good!

Terry King's Bits-n-Bytes Educational Parallel Port Software and Projects for Kids & Adults!!

Jeff Fox's Dedicated Forth Processors!

And NOW For Some SEX!!!

My Own HOW-TO Tutorials on Cunnilingus and Vaginal Orgasm!!

Also: The Cunnilingus FAQ File!!... ...ZIP'ped of Course!! ;-)

And: Last But Not Least!! How To Make Your Own DIY Vagina!!