Irene DuBois
			      319 Southwood Dr
		           Scotts Valley, CA 95066
		        	(831) 458-9347

Over six years experience in Information Systems. Expertise in enterprise data 
backups including planning, software configuration, testing and implementation.  
Additional expertise managing an IS Help-Desk to solve end user issues affecting
operating systems, software applications, network access and hardware.  Famil-
iarity with systems administration of SCO UnixWare and SCO OpenServer network

   * Operating Systems: SCO OpenServer, SCO UnixWare, Linux and Windows NT
   * Software: Keystone, ARCserve, Star Office, Mutt, Mush, Word, Excel
   * Hardware: Pentium class servers and workstations, tape drives and printers

Caldera International (Formerly The Santa Cruz Operation)- Santa Cruz, CA 1996-
Caldera develops Linux and UNIX platform solutions for business providing an in-
tegrated solution for small to medium businesses, retail operations, telecommun-
ications and other vertical markets.

IS Associate (3 years)
Assigned to the Information Systems group and provided junior-level Unix Systems
Administration and mid-level Help-Desk Support.  This position was concurrent 
with my Data Processing Administrator responsibilities described below.

   * Systems administrator responsibilities included creation, modification and 
     removal of user accounts including e-mail access, passwords, file permis-
     sions and calendar entries.
   * Help-Desk responsibilities included delivery of first level IS support to
     internal Caldera users. Reviewed incoming repair requests, researched, re-
     solved, and responded to questions by telephone, e-mail and web-based cust-
     omer support database.  Keystone database was utilized to log, update and 
     communicate status of support calls.  Responded to all inquiries with time-
     ly callbacks and escalated issues as required.

Data Processing Administrator (6 years)
Assigned to administer enterprise data backups for over 80 servers running SCO 
OpenServer, SCO UnixWare, Linux and Windows NT Developed and implemented backup
strategies for both local and networked units that resulted in faster restores 
and minimized staff involvment.  Oversaw the development and in some cases wrote
shell scripts required to initiate backups.  Responsible for scheduling backup,
loading tapes, cataloguing tapes, verifying data, managing tape rotation, per-
forming restorations and ordering new media.

   * Reduced user downtime and achieved faster restores by shifting strategy
     from monthly to weekly full backups.

   * Minimized staff involvement through proper utilization of in-house backup
     scripts that were easily adapted to new machines.

   * Received the company SCORE Award for locating and restoring critical and 
     extremely old data on obsolete media.

The Video Service Center- Santa Cruz, CA	  		      1995-1996
Front Office/Help-Desk Clerk
The Video Service Center is a retail video repair shop. Assigned to front coun-
ter providing first level customer support via telephone and store drop-ins, 
assisted the technical staff and helped with general business support.

   * Received incoming repair requests.  Interfaced with customers to determine
     and document unit failure symptoms.  Entered customer information into da-
     tabase required to complete work orders and assigned work orders to tech-

   * Scheduled in-home repairs and assisted technicians by pulling appropriate 
     service manuals and preparing driving directions.  Used sound judgment and
     discretion to ensure customer satisfaction by arranging loaner units, 
     waiving estimate fee or escalating their line priority when necessary.

   * Also assisted customers by instructing them on the proper use of equipment
     and recommended replacement brand names and/or parts when requested.

* A.S. Electronics Technology - Cabillo College, 1994
* General Studies (Math, Science, English) University of Minnesota