Thanks to:

The folks at World Domination for their support, especially Dave Allen for his input and information and Corinne for putting up with all of my questions, and helping me to track down some of the more obscure LPS items.

Aaron Brick for helping me to come up with layout ideas for the page, helping me to hash out ideas in general, and all sorts of other good input, and for his effort of setting up a mailing list (watch this page for more information about that).

The geeks at the Armory in Santa Cruz for the server space.

Everyone who's e-mailed me with feedback and comments about the page. It do enjoy getting mail from here, as it does in some way validate the effort. :)
So feel free to mail me with comments or suggests.

Of course, Rick Boston and everyone who's ever milled about under the banner of Low Pop Suicide for providing great music.

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