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Nuffin'. I've left the old New below just for nostalgia's sake. :)


Okay, so I've been busy...you know the lives of students, especially students that work and are trying to get into grad school. But don't worry, I'll still try to keep these pages up to date.

A few items, then:

Low Pop Suicide is now categorized! Yes, after years of this site languishing alone in the Yahoo! listings, there is now an LPS category at http://www.yahoo.com/Entertainment/Music/Artists/By_Genre/Rock_and_Pop/Low_Pop_Suicide/.
okay, so it's just a generic Yahoo! discography of the three main releases, but still, it's a step...um...sideways...?

Did you know that there was a "Numb" promo release as well?
Well, there sort of was. I'll have more on the "Numb promo conspiracy" soon. (Just trying to add a little drama here is all...)

Maybe I should add "video clips" to the Possibly Eventually options. I recently got a video capture card, and will soon be getting a VCR (hopefully...). This means that if I can find the server space, I can try to put something up. As for those sound samples...um...oh yeah...hrm...sure...someday soon now... ;)


Still no word from WorldDom on the new records, and my last e-mail met only with silence. As this is unusual for them, let's assume that it's because they're so busy trying to get the new albums out... ;)
Meanwhile, I've updated the link to the Roxy Music tribute album on which Low Pop is supposed to appear. As of yet, I don't have a copy of this, so I can't tell you much about it.


Okay, so school's been really hectic lately, and I've been kind of buried...the students out there, both past and present, I'm sure can sympathize... ;)
Anyway, no real updates on this end yet, as I haven't heard anything from WorldDom about the status of the new albums. One cool thing though--World Domination has finally updated their website (they do this e very two years it seems), and if you check out the Low Pop Suicide section, there's a link to this page. Yay! Also, in the Death of Excellence blurb, it gives a little more info on Rick and the cast from those days. Can years old information still be c onsidered new? Sure, why not...
Since the last update, I've gotten some cool items, including the Contagion 12-inch with three remixes of Turn Of The Screw...more info, um, as soon as I get access to a record player...
Will the prophecy of sound samples of rare tracks ever be fulfilled? Maybe some day. I have a new computer, but due to complications arising from Apple's new HFS+ file archetecture, my main hard drive is currently unusable, so I'm limping on a slave dri ve. As soon as I'm up and running at full capacity again (either when Symantec releases an updated version of Norton Disk Doctor, or I get annoyed and reformat the damn thing, and restore all of my programs and files), I'll try to get started on that.
Of course, as soon as I have any current news from WorldDom, I'll post it on the site, as always.


Happy New Year, everyone!
Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but with school, tests, work, and the holidays, I've been rather busy...anyway...
Sitting bored at work gave me the time to scour the AltaVista and HotBot databases and have updated the Links section.
Still no more news to the upcoming albums, unfortunately.
Low Pop Suicide appears on the upcoming Roxy Music tribute album, performing their "More Than This". Look for it this summer.

I finally got my CD-ROM drive fully working again, so I can start working on the sound samples once more. I'll probably begin with the obscure promotional tracks, but remember that it will only be parts of the songs, not the entire songs, due to copyr ight concerns.


Dave Allen has passed on some exciting information...check out the Current News section.


Ahh...summer vacation...time for the mind to reclaim its vegetable state...
Anyway, not really much new right now...the Rickie Lee Jones tour has been over for a while, so I just took the notice about that off.
I'd actually started to do some work on the sound samples, but my CD-ROM doesn't seem to want to play music CDs correctly right now. Oh well.


Okay, I've come out of hiding from my post-school year ignoring the world kinda thing...
Moved the info about "What Is Low?" from the Rumor Mill to the Discography, and put the lyrics on the Lyrics Page.
On that note, I deleted the Rumor Mill and the related pages.
As the note on the main page says, Rick is currently touring as part of Rickie Lee Jones' live band. I don't know how much longer this tour goes on for, however...


Updated the Discography to include the Harvest Sampler (technically, it's a single for the Crash Baptist's "One By One" with Belinda Carlisle, but let's not split hairs, eh?), added the lyrics to the solo Rick Boston song "There's a War On" to the lyri cs page, and created the appropriate info page for this release.
All of this while studying for finals...phew...
When I have a chance, I'll move the "What Is Low?" information out of the dusty Rumor Mill and into normal surroundings.


Much later in the day...
I finally got around to scanning in and putting up some information about the promotional card that Worlddom sent out in their early days for the then just-released Disengagement EP. It's a cool little piece of propaganda. You can get to it from the Dis engagement EP Information Page, via the Discography.


Okay, fairly decent update this time:
The discography has been updated to include a picture of the Suicide Ego Radio Promo, and now includes the Life And Death Radio Promo and the Death of Excellence Promo. For the latter, I also included images of the image cards included in the box.

Corinne at Worlddom, to whom I owe countless thanks already, has found copies of the Harvest Sampler hidden away, so I shall soon be aquiring that, as well as the Into Topological Space album that Rick did some work on (there's now also a note about th at one in the discography). For those of you that wonder, yes I do have to pay for all this stuff...I get along well with the people at World Domination, but not *that* well. ;)


Proving that I am occasionally a man of my word, the "Links to More Information" section is up. Check out some of the articles, they're pretty cool. I even included the reviews that were less than favorable, but I try to keep things complete...

I really need to find or make more background patterns. Ah well, lets put that up in the "hopefully soon" column...

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Sorry I haven't been able to update this page in a while...first it was finals, then my hard drive crashed over Spring Break and I lost a lot of stuff, then I started a new quarter and was swallowed up in school, work, and the like. Ah well, so it goe s.

Anyway, the updated sections:
Finally was able update the Rumors section, but you may not like what you read...

Changed the scan of the Mixed Up CD from the old generic Worlddom promotional image to the actual CD itself.

Updated the Discography to include the Suicide Ego and Harvest Sampler promotional discs.
If anyone out there can find me a copy of the Harvest Sampler CD, please contact me.

Very soon (hopefully tomorrow):
I've been scouring the 'net for any articles and information relating to Low Pop Suicide or Rick Boston, and have put together some nice links. I just need to HTML it up a bit and then put it on here.

Also soon:
I will be making a scan of the Suicide Ego radio promo disc and putting that up.
The promotional version of Death of Excellence is on its way, so when that comes I'll put more information up.

In the future...
Someday in the far glorious future, I may actually be able to think about those sound samples I've been promising forever...I was originally thinking about RealAudio, but now I'm considering MPEG layer 3. I'll experiment a bit when I get the chance.

Please sign the guestbook, I enjoy seeing people use it...I do appreciate the mail that many of you have sent me about the page, but don't be afraid to let everyone else read your praise. ;)
Have you signed up for the mailing list? Why not? As far as I know, the automatic subscription should work, but if not please let me know, and try the old school majordomo command method (details on the Mailing List page). I'm sure there's lots for us fans to talk about, so don't be shy out there...


Now that my most recent wave of midterms is over, I was able to put up the lyrics for "What is Low?", along with a scan of the promo disc that it's on. You can get to it from the Rumors page.

The Mailing List is now up and running! Go to the subscription page and subscribe to it! Now! Go!


Rumors are abuzz...well, at least I like to think so. Check out "The Rumor Mill" for some possibly interesting information.


Photo Gallery is now up.
(Well, not every update has to be Earth-shattering...)


Added information about the My Way and Kiss Your Lips promotional discs to the discography section.

Edited the Lyrics page by removing the Turn of the Screw (PCB Edit) as there was really only one change to the lyrics, and added a note to that affect to the appropriate info page. Added Hunger Smiles.

I've been compiling what band pictures I can find, and should have a small photo gallery up soon.

If I can find access to any video capture hardware/software, I'll be able to put up small clips of the videos.


Finally added the information for The Harvest Soundtrack and the Mixed Up promo CD into their respective Discography info sections.

I signed up a free Guestbook from Lpage, so drop a note if the spirit moves you.

Removed the link to the Geocities mirror...it really wasn't worth it to update two pages all the time when the Geocities account was really meant to serve only as extra space. Should the Armory become dangerously unreliable for some reason, I'll put t hings back up on Geocities.


Added the Acknowledgements page, the What's New age, and put in a scan of the Numb cover.

What's recent:
On Jan 8th I put in the counter from Pagecount, and, as the text below it says, it's big and it's ugly but it's free. I did this primarily to give me an idea of how many people were hitting the page, which ma y have a direct effect on the speed on which I update things.
Over my winter break I completely revamped the lyrics section and the discography, including a link to Phil Hetherington's Shreikback Index Page, which contains a lot of good detailed in formation on Low Pop Suicide releases.

What's upcoming:
I sporadically work on getting the sound samples done, but each one takes a while, so don't expect them to all be done in the near future. All samples will be in RealAudio, so if you haven't already, go to the RealAu dio Homepage and download a player.
Track information about The Harvest Soundtrack and the Mixed Up promo CD.
There may be a guestbook in the future.
Aaron Brick has set up a mailing list, and we hope to see that up and running soon as well. When it's ready, I'll make an announcement on the page.
I may soon be able to have information about the music videos and some of the promotional releases. Again, watch the main page and this section.

If you feel you have anything to contribute to the page, please feel free to mail me.

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