Notbob's homepage is currently not here.

I have taken my page down for some major slash-and-burning.
Okay, techinally it's still here. I haven't deleted anything yet, I've just put this index page up instead. Sheesh.
If you're really interested, you can access the old page this way. Keep in mind its venerable status, however, especially when it comes to any strange pics you may find...

The most recent iteration of my lack of time to build a new website can be found via my very own domain,
It's hosted on my closeted server (you see, the server's in my it' get it...), so uptime is subject to various residential factors. It now includes some recent-ish pictures!

Meanwhile, feel free to otherwise amuse yourself at my expense by any of the following options:

'Cause I still like the address tag, that's why.