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Abdul Haq (right) has reportedly been executed by the Taliban.
A Thought Provoking Article

Dilop Hiro is a seasoned journalist
whose books include 'Islamic Fundamentalism' (HarperCollins).

Zach's Poem

Zachy wrote this poem in the aftermath of the September 11 tragedy and the discrimination that followed toward Muslims and other dark-skinned people.

Links Page
This page is basically a file cabinet of links. There is a Flash generated scrolling banner and an http protocol link to a live broadcast from Free Radio Santa Cruz.

Perl Script: HTML Composer
This script allows users to create web pages without coding.

Perl Script: Chat Program
This script meta refreshes. A simple chat program.

Perl Script: A Mass Mailing Protoype
Protoype for users to create and mail lists.

Macromedia Flash Example:
A sample from the Flash application. Click the piece of chalk. If you don't have FLASH you can download it here.

Flash Example:
Made with Flash 4.0

Fireworks Banners
Simple banner examples.


A Widow's Plea for Non-Violence
Published in the Chicago Tribune, Amber Amundson's reaction to September 11.

Why I Opposed the Resolution to Authorize Force
A statement by Barbara Lee.(San Francisco Chronicle)

Family members of the attacks speak (against war)
These messages are an exchange between Ryan Amundson, whose brother Craig was killed in the attack on the Pentagon and Wayne Brekhus, a University of Missouri Sociology professor and friend of Ryan.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

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