MowRons' WWW Home Page

This is a prototype web page for (some) MowRon.

Mr. MowRon has sweated & struggled to provide you with this amazing multimedia presentation for
your benefit & - or you are seeing this page because my main system is down & I have pointed
you here in the in-term. Or because you are surfing the Internet & are really bored. Anyway ...

This hosting system has been provided, graciously & gratuitously, by the fine folks at The Armory.
Only The Internet Oracle may know why they do it. Where I come from managment has thus decreed
... well ... I no longer work at a shop that uses SCO. Now it's AIX & AS/400s. Oh well - life moves on.

Once apon a time tho' I was part of a team that kept that good ole 5.0.5 Openserver up & running.

But these boys & girls at the Armory keep on doing it just for kicks.

They've got my appreciation.

This web page maintained by

Although "maintained" is used rather loosely here. Someone should really bitch about the lack of content.

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