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  We have seen in the theories of magick, that there is a definite
relationship between the 'inner' and 'outer' worlds. We saw this
in the theory of the microcosm and the macrocosm; in the four
worlds; in the theory of correspondences; and also in the Cabala
and Tree of Life.  This relationship between inner and outer is
very important.  And it means quite simply that success (or lack
of it) in one world (inner or outer) influences success (or lack
of it) in the other. Therefore developing of magical ability is
more than meditation and magical practice, for it implies mastery
of the four worlds. The developed magician is not only master of
the inner worlds; he is also master of himself.

  This is not to imply that successful magicians are all
millionaires (or whatever standard people measure success by), but
it should mean that they are basically pleasant people, at least;
no serious hangups. The developed magician is described as a
'king' in the Book of the Law.  This means simply that he has full
control over all aspects of his physical and inner life. He should
be who he wants to be, doing what he wants to do.

  The *numbers* in the tables and diagram of the preceeding lesson
on Cabala are the 'key' numbers which we find in various
*correspondence tables* (such as Crowley's '777'). One important
set of correspondences for the planets, is shown below...

===   ======       =====        =========
3     Saturn       lead         home
4     Jupiter      tin          luck, wealth
5     Mars         iron         anger, war-like
6     Sun          gold         vitality
7     Venus        copper       love
8     Mercury      mercury      knowledge
9     Moon         silver       emotions, travel

  Notice that we have included the metal which is associated with
the planet, as well as common attributes of each planet. The
theory of Cabalistic magick is to select the appropriate planet
for the desired result. The attribute column will assist in that
selection. Once a particular planet is determined, an entity is
selected from the correspondence tables by matching the key

  Although Hebrew Mysticism is the original source of Cabalistic
ideas, it is mostly unconcerned with the magical implications of
those ideas. How can a religious philosophy which is monotheistic
lend credibility to a polytheistic approach? Various deities are
understood as *aspects* or *qualities* of the Supreme God. This is
not a contradiction, merely a restatement of the microcosm and
macrocosm idea once again. The Sefirotic Tree, in its
representation of the universe is the Macrocosm.  While it could
be said that any single sefiroth has its own separate qualities,
it remains, nonetheless, a part of the whole tree, and a part of
the macrocosm. As a result, virtually any pantheon or belief
system is compatible with the Cabala.

  Western magick has traditionally placed a great deal of emphasis
upon the use of willpower as a means of development and
self-mastery. But this may not be the best method in the long run.
Isaac Bonewitz describes how the subconscious will sometimes rebel
against willpower with 'spectacular results'. It is far better to
run one's life democratically.

  Hawaiian Kahuna magick describes the 'three selves', ie. the
lower self (or subconscious), the middle self (or normal
consciousness), and the high self (spirit or Holy Guardian Angel).
Enlightenment in the Hawaiian system consists of unification of
the three selves. They become 'buddies'. Enlightenment does not
come from great change. It comes from great acceptance. Continual
effort at becoming better takes you nowhere. For becoming it is
not being it.  The unification is achieved by first developing
communication with the subconscious and later with the high self
also. Simple exercises with a pendulum, automatic writing, raised
finger responses, self hypnosis, recording and analysis of dreams
etc. facilitate communication with the subconscious. At first
communication with the high self must be via the subconscious, but
later it is possible to go direct to it.

  Many occult groups follow an energy model for magick and the
physical body. This model (or theory) equates psychic energy with
kundalini/prana/sexual or life force energy. The ideal of
kundalini yoga is thus to raise the kundalini to the higher
chakras (especially ajna and sahasrara) thereby enhancing
psychic/magick powers. The release of psychic energy is also
relevant to mental control, good health and longevity, and the
attainment of 'cosmic consciousness'. Meditation and yoga is used
to liberate psychic energy so that it can be used for magical
purposes. But there are other ways to liberate psychic energy.
Many of these techniques will act as a mental catharsis in the
sense of invigorating the psyche and resulting in improved
intellectual and physical performance.

1) Psychotherapy of certain types which releases pent up
   psychological energy.
2) Overcoming mind games, hangups, and inhibitions.  This is the
   basis of all listed practices, as hangups waste psychic energy.
   Certain psychotropic drugs may have this affect.  Also the
   'kicks' from 'risks' like skydiving.
3) Vigorous dance and physical exercise -- to the point of 'second
4) 'Desirelessness' and various religious practices.
5) The way of return, and various other mystical practices.
6) Atavistic resurgence. This last item deserves some extra
   mention. It was one of Austin Spare's methods.  It means to
   contact the primitive emotions deep within the psyche.  In a
   sense it is regressive.  However, there is power there, if you
   are able to control it.

  We have seen how magical theory is based upon the assumption
that psychic phenomena is real. If this is so, then magick is also
real. And we have also seen how magick is the art and science of
causing change in accordance with the will by non-physical means.
Magical philosophy is the working system of terms, theories, and
symbols upon which magick is based. But magick goes further than
that, for as an ancient system of psychology, magick may be used
as is a means of self improvement and spiritual growth. For magick
and mysticism are parallel paths, each ultimately leading to


1) What do we mean by the relationship between the inner and outer
2) What is wrong with willpower?
3) Explain the energy model of magick.

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