Michael Hemmingson's

Very Own Web Page



Okay, I now have a web page.  After many years.  After such a long wait.  After getting my stupid ass up and to it.  This page is under construction, of course.

I have published a number of books:

The Naughty Yard (Permeable Press, 1994)
Nice Little Stories Jam-Packed with Depraved Sex & Violence (CPAOD Books, 1995)
Crack Hotel (Permeable Press, 1996) (Out of Print)
Minstrels (Permeable Press, 1997)
Snuff Flique (CPAOD Books, 1997)
The Dress (published in full in The mammoth Book of New Erotica,  [Robinson Publishing and Carroll & Graf 1998])
Seven Women (Masquerade Books, 1999)

My books can be ordered from the usual places like  www.amazon.com  and at such nifty new places like  www.eroticbooksociety.com .

I have a number of erotic stories archived at  Other-Rooms.

I also have a new tale, "Three Desires,  over at Cleansheets.