Mary Eriksen

140 Anita St

Santa Cruz,CA 95060



Goal                Employment as a UNIX Systems Programmer/Administrator Build/Release/Integration Engineer in an organization whose mission is to enrich, support and positively impact the lives of others.


Summary        Over 20 years extensive experience as IT professional. The last 10 years specializing in architecting and supporting Unix systems including large code base builds and releases, system administration, source control, troubleshooting software testing, 3rd-party software integration, process automation and networking. Excels at delivering exceptional quality, streamlined, automated products within aggressive schedules. Known for integrity, positive attitude, patience and humor


Technical Skills         

·        OS – Unix (Open Server, UnixWare, HPUX, Sun Solaris), Linux (Redhat, SuSE), Windows(XP, 98x, NT, 2000), Macintosh

·        Programming –C, Make , Shell(sh/ksh) vi, vim, awk, sed, Pkgadd Custom, RPM, CVS, SCCS, RCS, ClearCase

·        Networking – TCP/IP, FTP, SSH, DNS

·        Web – HTML,CGI, Apache, Dreamweaver


Work History

            SCO Group Inc., Santa Cruz, CA                                                                               July 1996 – Oct 2005

Build/Integration/Installation/Release Engineer  - Key position as sole SCO OpenServer engineer for successful build, development and release cycle including necessary technologies to produce a final enterprise commercial product, demanding non-stop accountability

OpenServer 6 - Legend Project                                                                        2004 – Oct 2005

v      Design, write, and automate build and integration process for next generation OS over 6 month span accomplishing successful merger of UnixWare7 kernel and OpenServer 507

v      Implementation of complete re-architecture of packaging files for merger of differing Operating Systems

v      Configure multiple remote site build environment

v      Design, write and automate new $500,000 quarterly revenue model consisting of both Maintenance and Update Pack technologies

v      Design, write and maintain complete online documentation on architecture, deployment and maintenance of all build processes


Open Server 5.0.7 - Harvey West Project                                                        2002-2004

v      Single handedly took over build, integration and release team for next full commercial release since 1999 of Open Server 5, Optional Services CD and Supplemental CD

v      Design, write and automate new quarterly revenue model consisting of Maintenance and Update Packs including patching technologies

v      Increased development cycle proficiency by %200

v      Produced Source Code Product in record 3 months to meet $500,000 overseas sale deadline – automated build for future releases

v      Awarded special commendation for “Most Improved Area of Engineering” for Harvey West Project


Open Server/Linux  Kernel Personality Projects                                                2000-2002

v      Design and implement migration tool to allow Open Server/Linux  applications to run on UnixWare kernel

v      Traveled to both Ehrlangen, Germany and company headquarters in Linden, Utah for initial product presentation to CEO, directors and engineers, and to train engineers and develop installation strategy


SCO Linux prototype Project                                                                                       2000

v      As part of special, 5 member engineer task force, assisted in all aspects of prototype for SCO Linux product from product specifications to installation and upgrade strategies


Appliance Server Project                                                                                  1998 -2000

v      Member of 10 engineer team working directly with Compaq engineer team to create new network model dedicated system performing a specialized set of server functions

v      Architect, write and automate Build and Integration process based on small footprint Open Server 506

v      Development of scripts, programs and utilities

v      Source tree maintenance and processes improvement

v      Software handoffs and vendor management

v      Configure, install and integrate Netscape, Apache and MS FrontPage for Windows platform

v      Setup and maintain bug reporting database

v      Organize and, setup testing lab hardware and software procedures

v      Train and mentor new engineers


Software Engineer

Gemini Project                                                                                      1997

v      Port(TriTeal TED), integrate and configure GUI desktop (CDE - Common Desktop Environment)


Network Drivers Group                                                                                    1996

v      Primary contributor to complex, automated, network driver test suite

v      As junior engineer ported kernel driver in 2 weeks


Keane Consulting - San Jose, CA                                                                              1995 – 1996

v      As consulting engineer for PGE, programmed scientific functions for monitoring pipe vibrations for Japanese nuclear reactor


UCSC Natural Sciences Division, Santa Cruz, CA                                                   1994-1995

v      Computer Resource Specialist -Installation, configuration ,training and support of rollout of Macintosh computers. Received special commendation letter from Science Communications department.


Eriksen PC Consulting Santa Cruz, CA                                                                     1991-1993

v      Owner of PC Consulting Business - PC Build, installation and training for home and small business


Rose Hill Systems and Day and Night Computer Scotts Valley,CA                         1985 -1991

v      PC Build, sales, installation and training – Windows 9x



Bachelor of Science Computer Science

University of Santa CruzSanta Cruz,CA. 1995

Founding member of CE/CS graduation committee


Associate of Science Computer Science -honors

Cabrillo College - Aptos,CA    1985


A little about ME

Family – Married for over 20 years with 2 beautiful children, son in college and daughter in high school.

Electric Vehicles – I am the proud owner of a 1962 converted MG Midget convertible that is my daily drive around town car

Astronomy – Lifelong love of the mysteries of the universe. I have an original 1972 “Celestron 8” Schmidt –Cassegrain telescope that I have had the incredible pleasure of using to explore the heavens for the past 5 years

Running – I am an avid runner and. I’ve run the Santa Cruz Wharf to Wharf Race every year (except 1) for the past 10 years. Looking forward to my first half-marathon.

Gardening – If I wasn’t a programmer I’d be a gardener

Volunteer – Meals on Wheels delivery person since 2005, Global Exchange, CodePink,

Cooking and Eating – One of my favorite pastimes is cooking and eating organic feasts with family and friends


Last updated May 7, 2006