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Hello everyone !
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Luba and I am young :) I was born in north Russia in a small town named Kirovsk, that is in the Murmansk region.
At 24th Dec 1992 I repatriated to Israel. Israel is beautiful country with many different kinds of nature. I have lived in Beer-Sheva, that is in the southern part of Israel and where you really feel like in desert. Now I moved to the central part and it doesn't look like a desert any more, althought it's hot here. But the northern part of this great country is the most beautiful place i've ever visited here.
The forests I found there are so beautiful and it's amazing that the nature changes so fast. Guys, I tell you, you have to see it!

Well now a little more about myself.
I won't bother you with my Russian lifestory, just can say it was a normal life of the Jewish girl with all candies. I will start from the end of December of 1992, when I left Russia and became an Israeli. I came to Israel, to the Beer Sheva. I like this town, althought it's boring sometimes.
There are few nice place to study:few colleges and the great Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. I already tried to study in Israel, at the Engineering College. Unfortunately I had to leave it. Now I work as field engineer at the ECTel company, that services many telephone and telecommunication companies in different countries and continue with my studying.

What do I like

There are few things I am crazy about. they are:

There was a time (before I started to work) when I spent almost all my free time in muds. If you don't know What muds are just click here and you will find the great stuff.
Big Thanks to Bapometh@AlatiaMud for writing it.

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More to come

Here some pictures for you to see.

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