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My homepage has moved to red4est, my own machine. I'll leave these pages up for now but they won't be kept current.

Welcome to my obhomepage. I think that you will find it a classic example of what happens when hypertext grows up without supervision.

If you are interested in my professional background or race pictures, take a look at my webpage on

Verbose description of me... my vanity page OK? Personal stuff about me, pictures etc. Pointers to stuff on the rest of the site.

Dance Links (next gaskells: Oct 31st)

map.html is something that resembles a map of my webpage. If you want to find something quickly, rather than following a byzantine path of hypertext clues, try looking here. I've collected a massive mess of links. I'm starting to collect links to things like counters and guestbooks. I ought to get off my butt and learn the html/cgi/perl whatever to do them myself, but there is a certain aesthetic to letting other people do the work for me. If you have pointers to any good ones, or the source, please send them to me.

The legend that "everyone knows Larry" continues to grow. Sign My Guestbook and prove the you know Larry too!

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