The Armory Potlucks: September 2th8, 2019

September 28th, 2019

Blake - Fish Tacos
Dee - Spicy Bean or Grain With Meat and toppings
Irene - Roast Turkey With Stuffing And Gravy
Katy - Meat And Potatoes
Liz - Eggroll In A Bowl
     Manny - Cherry Pie
Sam (?) - Butter Chicken with Rice
Sterling - Cookies
Mac N Cheese

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Blake-FishTacos-Cabbage Blake-FishTacos-Fish Blake-FishTacos-Limes Blake-FishTacos-Salsa Blake-FishTacos-Tortillas Dee-SpicyBeanorGrainWithMeatDish Dee-Toppings Irene-RoastTurkeyWithStuffingAndGravy Katy-MeatAndPotatoes Liz-EggrollInABowl Manny-CherryPie Sam-Rice Samuel-ButterChicken Sterling-Cookies Bread MacNCheese P1060189