The Armory Potlucks: April 6th, 2018

April 6th, 2018

Bela - Mushrooms And Winter Melon
Dee - Cucumber Yogurt Dish
Dee - Chickpea Dish
Evan - Casserole
Irene - Corned Beef, Potatoes, And Purple Cabbage
Jennifer - Rice Noodle Dish
Katie - Squash Dish
Liz - Ginger Lemon Muffins
     Manny - Cherry Pie
Manny - Ice Cream
Sterling - Lemon Bars
Beef And Grean Beans

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Bela-MushroomsAndWinterMelon Dee-CucumberYogurtDishAndChickpeaDish Evan-Casserole Irene-CornedBeefPotatoesAndPurpleCabbage Jennifer-RiceNoodleCasserole Katie-SquashDish Liz-GingerLemonMuffins Manny-CherryPie Manny-IceCream Sterling-LemonBars BeefAndGreanBeans Pie Soup