The Armory Potlucks: June 23rd, 2017

June 23rd, 2017

Blake - Peanut Butter Cookies
Dave - Cheese And Pickled Things, Cherries, and Smoked Oysters
Dee - Asian Noodle Dish
Irene - Rich Chocolate Cake
Jennifer - Chicken
John - Tetris Cookies
Katie - Chocolate Cake
Laurance - Cheese
     Laurance - Chocolate Coffee Dessert
Laurance - Roast Beef
Liz - Black Bean And Sweet Potato Hash with Green Onions
Manny - Chicken
Chicken Alfredo
Peach Pie

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Blake-PeanutButterCookies Dave-CheeseAndPickledThings Dave-Cherries Dave-SmokedOysters Dee-AsianNoodleDish Irene-RichChocolateCake Jennifer-Chicken John-TetrisCookies Katie-ChocolateCake Laurance-Cheese Laurance-ChocolateCoffeeDessert Laurance-RoastBeef Liz-BlackBeanAndSweetPotatoHash Liz-GreenOnions Manny-Chicken ChickenAlfredo PeachPie Watermelon