The Armory Potlucks: January 7th, 2017

January 7th, 2017

Ann - Coleslaw
Bela - Green Mango Salad
Bela - Lettuce Core Salad
Blake - Stir Fry
Dee - Beef Barley Soup
Evan - Split Pea Soup
Irene - Creamed Spinach Crepes
Katie - Chicken Soup
     Katrina - Grilled Cheese
Liz - Brownies
Sterling - Assorted Pastries
Sterling - Sausage
Mac N Cheese

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Ann-Coleslaw Bela-GreenMangoSalad Bela-LettuceCoreSalad Blake-StirFry Dee-BeefBarleySoup Evan-SplitPeaSoup Irene-CreamedSpinachCrepes Katie-ChickenSoup Katrina-GrilledCheese Liz-Brownies Sterling-AssortedPastries Sterling-AssortedPastries3 Sterling-Sausage Stirling-AssortedPastries2 MacNCheese Ravioli Watermelon