The Armory Potlucks: April 7th, 2017

April 7th, 2017

Bela - Lotus Root
Bela - StirFry
Blake - Shortbread
Dee - Chicken Congee with Toppings
Evan - Yummy Potato Spinach Dish
Irene - Onion Gravy with Pork Roast
Jennifer - Cheesecake
Katie - Fruit Salad
     Liz - Hoisin Glazed Tofu And Green Beans with Rice
Lubkin Girls - Macaroni And Cheese
Manny - Kibbeh with Yogurt
Sandy - Coffee Cake
Willa - Cranberry Muffins
Chocolate Cake

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Bela-LotusRoot Bela-StirFry Blake-Shortbread Dee-ChickenCongee Dee-Toppings Evan-YummyPotatoSpinachDish Irene-OnionGravy Irene-PorkRoast Jennifer-Cheesecake Katie-FruitSalad Liz-HoisinGlazedTofuAndGreenBeans Liz-Rice LubkinGirls-MacaroniAndCheese Manny-Kibbeh Manny-Yogurt Sandy-CoffeeCake Willa-CranberryMuffins Chicken ChocolateCake HappyBirthdaySandy