The Armory Potlucks: April 22nd, 2011

April 22nd, 2011

Bela - Vegetable Dish
Craig - Chocolate Birthday Cake
John - Hot Nachos
John - Mild Nachos
Liz - Farfalle With Arugula Gremolata Gorgonzola And Golden Raisins
     Sandy - Macaroni And Cheese With Passover Ham
Someone - Bread Cubes With Oil And Vinegar
Someone - Fruit Salad
Someone - Rolls

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Bela-VegetableDish Craig-ChocolateBirthdayCake John-HotNachos John-MildNachos Liz-FarfalleWithArugulaGremolataGorgonzolaAndGoldenRaisins Sandy-MacaroniAndCheeseWithPassoverHam Someone-BreadCubesWithOilAndVinegar Someone-FruitSalad Someone-Rolls