The Armory Potlucks: July 30th, 2010

July 30th, 2010

Bela - Stir Fry
Evan - Chicken Stroganoff
Irene - Beans And Franks
Irene - Mushroom Pate With Crackers
Irene And John - Hard Cider
John - Chocolate Rum Cookies With Hazelnuts
     Larry - Spiced Candied Ginger Biscuits
Liz - Cheddar Onion Squares
Sandy - Butterscotch Cookies
Sandy - Rice Crispy Treats And Brownies
Willa - Frozen Chocolate Pudding Dessert

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Bela-StirFry Evan-ChickenStroganoff Irene-BeansAndFranks Irene-MushroomPateWithCrackers IreneAndJohn-HardCider John-ChocolateRumCookiesWithHazelnuts Larry-SpicedCandiedGingerBiscuits Liz-CheddarOnionSquares Sandy-ButterscotchCookies Sandy-RiceCrispyTreatsAndBrownies Willa-FrozenChocolatePuddingDessert