The Ranch 101 Barn Razing and Raising
October 22, 2005

There were plenty of animals watching the action:

Thunder the sheep

Lightening the sheep

The horse on the other side of the barnyard fence

The first thing we had to do was empty out the old barn, then destroy it.

After taking the side off the old barn, a bunch of rats who had been living under/behind the lay boxes scampered out.

While the old barn was being destroyed, the sides of the new barn were being built.

As the sides were finished, they were carried out to the barnyard and attached to eachother.

Putting up screening at the tops of the walls, for ventilation.

That's the end of my pictures, but we actually got a lot further than this. By the end of the day, the new barn had 4 sides, all attached to each other, with ventilation holes at the top, lay boxes, and doors. The main thing that was missing was the roof and one small section of wall. These were finished in the following days.