To hear this 14K sound file, you must have the free ToolVox Player Plugin configured into your web browser. ToolVox is the best way to put highly-compressed streaming speech recordings on your web pages. The player is available for several platforms, but if you have Windows or a Mac, go ahead and download the Basic Encoder (also free), which includes the player plugin, so you can put speech on your pages!

No transcription this time. I'll just note that the quip at the end was by Jm J. Bullock, who was playing the Ghost of Christmas Present, very humorously.

Jess did several other voices, including about five in one solo scene, but there was a wind sound effect being used, and that plays havoc with the voice encoder, so the .vox files I attempted to make ended up most as mush. Afterward, Jess demonstrated his impressions of all four Beatles, but there was so much laughter at the time that that bit also comes out as mush when attempting to use the voice encoding. If I had the space for .wav files, and everyone had lightning- fast connections, I'd do that instead, but as it is, .vox is the only way to go -- just gotta live with it only being able to encode a single speaker at a time with minimal noise.

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