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Transcribed by Anna Khokholikova (Анна Хохоликова)

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See below for Romanized transcription and English translation

Скорее к экранам! Сегодня ты по плану
Увидишь наш престранный и безумный сериал!
Ура! Мы в России! Смешные и чудные!
Для смехотерапии то, что доктор прописал!

Был создан мультяшный дом цветным карандашом,
И кто-то написал при том все то, что мы поём.
Сюжет посмешнее, еще нужна идея!
Пусть он пока потеет, ну а мы начнем!

Мультяшки искусны, не будет с нами грустно,
Нашли нас не в капусте, нас любит стар и млад!
Не хнычем, не ноем, другому яму роем,
Занятных героев собрал наш зоосад.

Студент Мульт-академии усвоил на зубок:
Под наковальню,если что, затылком встанет в лоб.
Мы крошки-мультяшки, мы звезды без натяжки,
Включайте телевизор и скорее к нам!
Зовите пап и мам! *
Скорее по местам! *

* These lines are interchanged.

Romanized version:

Skoree k ekranam! Segodnya ty po planu
Uvidish' nash prestrannyi i bezumnyi serial!
Ura! My v Rossii! Smeshnye i chudnye!
Dlya smehoterapii to, chto doktor propisal!

Byl sozdan mul'tyashnyi dom tsvetnym karandashom,
I kto-to napisal pri tom vse to, chto my poem.
Syuzhet posmeshnee, eshche nuzhna ideya!
Pust' on poka poteet, nu a my nachnem!

Mul'tyashki iskusny, ne budet s nami grustno,
Nashli nas ne v kapuste, nas lyubit star i mlad!
Ne khnychem, ne noem, drugomu yamu roem,
Zanyatnykh geroev sobral nash zoosad.

Student Mul't-akademii usvoil na zubok:
Pod nakoval'nyu, esli chto, zatylkom vstanet' v lob.
My kroshki-mul'tyashki, my zvezdy bez natyazhki,
Vklyuchaite televizor i skoree k nam!
Zovite pap i mam!
Skoree po mestam!

English translation by Brendan Dunn, Anna Khokholikova and Roman Büttner

Come quickly to the screen! Today you, according to plan,
Are going to see our very strange and crazy series!
Hooray! We're in Russia! Ridiculous and wonderful! *
For the sake of laugh-therapy that the doctor prescribed!

The cartoon character home was built in a pencil-growing field, **
And someone finished writing a complete volume, which we're singing.
The subject must be funnier; ideas are still needed!
Let him continue toiling; we'll begin right now!

The cartoon bunnies are skillful; with us you won't be bored,
We weren't found in cabbage; old and young love us! ***
We don't complain; we don't whine; we're digging holes under each other, ****
Our zoo contains interesting characters.

Students of the Cartoon Academy have mastered like clockwork:
Anyone under an anvil will have their neck meet their forehead.
We're the Tiny Toons; we're stars, without stretching the point,
Turn on the television and come quickly with us!
Let's invite dad and mom!
(alternate end line) Quickly take your seats!

* This phrase has specific connotations and double-meanings that don't translate concisely in English.

** The analogy they've come up with for "Acme Acres" is a pun based on the word for a flowering field combined with the term for a coloring pencil, which have similarities in Russian.

*** The usage of "cabbage" has a double meaning here. An old Russian folk tale states that babies come from a cabbage patch. However, "cabbage" also can refer to money, which Max is holding.

**** This is a Russian expression for getting someone into trouble.

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