French Tiny Toon Adventures theme
Submitted by Artur Luz

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On est p'tits et gentils, et un peu barjots aussi
Et l'heure enfin est arrivée d'envahir vos télé
On s'amuse on fait rire, la censeur on la fait fuir
Les Aventures des Tiny-Toons sont là pour vous ravir

Voici notre monde, c'est le pays Acmé
Pays qui doit sa renommée aux dessins animés
Le script est refusé, il va falloir tout changé
Les Aventures des Tiny-Toons vont commencer

Joyeux et dégourdis, c'est Babs et Buster Bunny
Montana est plein au as, Elmira nous agace
V'là Hamton et Plucky, Dizzy le loup abruti
P'tit Minet le chéri, et Gogo sans soucis

À Looniversité Acmé les toons 'ront diplômés
Et nos profs faisaient rire déjà des 1933 (mille neuf-cent trente-trois)
On est p'tits et gentils, et un peu barjots aussi
Les Tiny-Toons vous invitent vous et vos amis

La chanson est finie!

English translation by Ron "Keeper" O'Dell, with footnotes below:

We're young and friendly, and a little loony too (*)
And at last the time has come to invade your TV
We have fun, we make laughter; the censor we make flee
The Tiny Toon Adventures are here to delight you

Here is our world; it's the land of Acme
A land that owes its fame to animated drawings
The script is rejected; it must be completely changed
The Tiny Toon Adventures are about to start

Cheerful and smart, it's Babs and Buster Bunny
Montana is loaded; Elmyra irritates us (**)
Here's Hamton and Plucky; Dizzy the dazed wolf (***)
Little Pussy the darling, and Gogo with no cares

At Acme Looniversity, the toons will become certified
And our profs were making laughter already in 1933
We're young and friendly, and a little loony too
The Tiny Toons invite you, you and your friends

The song is finished!

* -- "Barjot" actually is a surname, yet for some reason it can be used as a word to mean "loony". I'm not sure of the origin of this usage, though. I presume there was somebody famous with the name Barjot who did something bizarre. I have yet to find a French dictionary or translation device which includes the word, but certainly there are several web pages which use the word in this way, so it appears to be in the everyday vernacular.

** -- "Montana est plein au as" literally means "Montana is full of aces." It's obviously a reference to the card game poker. The expression (sometimes written out "plein les as") is as common in French as as "loaded" is in English, so that's what I chose for the translation.

*** -- Obviously, Dizzy isn't really a wolf, but I guess they either thought children in France wouldn't know what a Tasmanian Devil is, or didn't like using the word "Devil" or maybe just were confused, like the people in Brazil who did the original Animaniacs translation. Anyway, the word "abruti" on the face of it means "stupid" but it comes from a verb "to stun" so I chose "dazed" for the translation. "Baffled" might work too. If anyone fluent in French can come up with a more accurate choice, please let me know!

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