Japanese Pinky & The Brain intro
Transcribed by Yutaka Yoshida

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Pinkii: Nee Burein, konya-wa nani suru?
Burein: Konya-mo doryoku zenshin aru nomi da, sekai seifuku-o mezashite.

Jikkenshitsu-no nihiki-no nezumi,
Tensai Burein, dojina Pinkii,
Sekai seifuku hisoka-ni nerau,
Pinkii-to Burein Burein Burein Burein Burein.

English translation by Ron "Keeper" O'Dell:

Pinky: Hey Brain, what'll we do tonight?
Brain: Tonight also we only strive with great effort, aiming for world domination.

Two mice from the laboratory,
Genius Brain, clumsy Pinky,
They secretly aim for world domination,
Pinky and Brain Brain Brain Brain Brain.

The word nezumi used on its own normally means rat, but it can go either way. Pinky certainly wants to make a distinction. At the end of "Where Rodents Dare" when he is watching the newscast and hears himself and Brain referred to as nezumi, he protests, "Nezumi? Narf! Ore-wa mausu da!" -- using a transliteration of the English word mouse (thus the translation of this line is "Rats? Narf! We're mice!" which differs from the original English, "Rats? Narf! We're not rats!" which obviously wouldn't work in a straight translation to Japanese, since the word nezumi actually could refer to either mice or rats.

Pinky speaks with modern colloquialisms and stripped-down grammar, so it should be no surprise that he prefers the English word since so much English is used in modern Japanese. Of course, considering the alternative, it's definitely not a surprise: Traditionally, to refer to a mouse, one would say hatsuka-nezumi, which means literally twenty-day rat -- referring to their use in laboratory work.

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