Roman transliteration of the Israeli Animaniacs theme
Transcribed by Oren Ronen

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Anahnoo Animanya-kim
Havoorat meshuga'aim
Rak nasai lehera'aga,
Titshak kmo meshuga
Kan Animanya-kim!

Hinai bnei mishpahat Warner
Vehabat sheshma hoo Dot
Ba'aoolpanim shel Warner Ha'ahim osim tsarot
Hem noa'alim otanoo,
Kshea'anoo nitpasim
ach nishtahrer, nivrach maher
bekol ha'alilot!

Kan Animanya-kim!
Dot yafa ve-yakko "blah" (see below *)
Wakko im hamamtakim
Kshe-Bill Clinton Ma'adim
Kan Animanya-kim!

Kshe-Pinky vehamoah yishtaltu al haola'am,
Kan zug yonim yahtof barosh mi-Slappy kaha stam
Kaftorim ve-Mindy
Ve-Rita kamoovan
Haseret ba'al shum tasrit
Az lama mitamtzim?

Kan Animanya-kim!
Tsioorim vegam schirim
Kulam Meshugaim
Im gvinot ve-naknikim
Ktsat hishtaganoo
Et kulam hitrafnoo,
Ze Matim lanoo (**)
Bli vikuhim

(*) The translators couldn't find a good translation for "Yakko yaks." What they did is put some kind of "blah" sound after Yakko's name. Personally, I really don't like it.

(**) This is the variable verse

Rough translation of the theme

Note: This sounds better in Hebrew. Really, it does! This was VERY hard to translate. Some places need a lot of improvement.

We're Animaniacs!
A group of crazies
Just try to relax
You'll laugh like crazy
Here's Animaniacs

Here's the sons of the Warner family
And a daughter whose name is Dot
In the Warner studios the siblings cause trouble
They lock us
When we get caught
But we'll get loose and run away
In all of the plots

Here's Animaniacs
Dot is pretty and Yakko "blah" (see above *)
Wakko with the candy
When Bill Clinton turns red (from blowing the saxophone)
Here's Animaniacs!

When Pinky and the Brain take over the world
A pair of pigeons will get wacked from Slappy, just like that (***)
Buttons and Mindy
And Rita, of course
Here comes the movie, there is no script
So why work hard?

Here's Animaniacs
Toons who are employed (need better translation for that)
Everybody's crazy
With cheese and sausages
We've gone a little crazy
Made everyone lunatic
That's what we do - variable verse
No doubts (about it)

(***) This is, of course, a mistake in the translations. There are three Goodfeathers, not two.

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