Finnish Animaniacs theme
Transcribed by Panu Vihavainen

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In Finland, the show is called Animaaniset, a combination of two Finnish words -- animaatio (animation) and maaniset (maniacs), so in a way, the show's name is exactly the same!

Nyt alkaa Animaaniset,
kohta kyllä sekoilet.
Istu alas rennosti,
ja sä naurat hurjasti,
siis Animaaniset!

Saat nähdä Warner-veljet,
on niillä sisko Dot.
Huvin vuoksi sotkemme me koko studion.
Ne torniin meidät sulkee, jos kiinni meidät saa,
mut' karkaamme ja häivymme - nyt tiedät kuvion!

Nää Animaaniset,
söpö Dot ja Yakko - ?!?! *
Wakko pistää ahminnaks,
Clinton panee soitannaks,
siis Animaaniset!

Näin Pinky sekä Brain ne tahtoo maailman valloittaa,
Sulkaisetkin yhteen ryntää, Slappy heitä kurmoottaa, **
Nappi jahtaa Mindyy, kun Rita hoilottaa. ***
Ei käsistä, ei ohjaajaa,
ei juonentynkääkään!

Siis Animaaniset,
sopimukset leimaan veks.
Kun tullaan hullummaks,
menee housut makkaraks.
Siis Animaani-
aivan seko kaali
(the variable verse)
Animaaniset -
nyt sekoilet!

The asterisks:

* This appears to be another "blah" like many other translations use.

** "Sulkaiset" are The Goodfeathers in Finnish. Directly translated, it would mean "The Featheries".

*** "Nappi" is Buttons in Finnish. Directly translated, it means "Button".

I'll also try to translate the Finnish theme directly into English, so you can see how it's different from the original one. It's a bit hard, but here goes:

Now begins the Animaniacs,
you will soon go nuts.
Just sit down relaxingly,
and you'll laugh a whole lot,
so this is Animaniacs!

You will see the Warner Brothers,
they have a sister, Dot.
Just for fun we always mess up the entire studio.
They confine us in the tower, if they can catch us,
but we escape and flee away - now you know the pattern!

These are Animaniacs,
cute Dot and Yakko - ?!?! (see above)
Wakko starts to gobble up,
Clinton begins to play,
so this is Animaniacs!

These are Pinky and The Brain who want to take over the world,
the Featheries flock togheter, Slappy beats them up,
Button chases Mindy, while Rita sings out.
No script, no director,
not even a stump of a plot!

So this is Animaniacs,
we seal our contracts off!
When we get even crazier,
pants turn into sausages!
So Animani-
completely mixed-up brainy
(the variable verse)
Animaniacs -
you'll now go nuts!

Now, the changes in the theme song during later seasons:

2nd season: "Clinton panee soitannaks" / "Clinton begins to play" was still used in these episodes, even though the scene changed!

3rd season: The verse was finally changed to the equivalent of "We pay tons of income tax": "Verot jää maksettavaks", / "Taxes are left to be payed".

The Pinky and The Brain verse was also changed to the equivalent of "Meet Ralph and Dr. Scratchansniff; say 'hi' to Hello Nurse": "On tohtorimme Scratchansniff ja Hellou Hoitsu myös" / "Our doctor is called Scratchansniff and there's also Hello Nurse" (hoitsu means nurse in Finnish).

And finally, about the variable verses: I'm sorry, but these are terribly inconsistent in the Finnish dub. The same verse is often used for several different verse scenes, and one verse scene can have many different lyrics. Making a note of all of these would be very time-consuming, so I'll present only what I can remember...

Finnish dub             Directly to English             Original

Tää on homman nimi      This is our thing's name        Here's the show's namey
Pinky sekä Brainy       Pinky and The Brainy            Pinky and The Brainy
Lännen malliin          In style of the west            Come back, Shaney
Pähkähullui             Completely insane               Cockamamie
Citizen Kaney           Citizen Kaney                   Citizen Kaney
Johan Af Granney        Johan Af Granney *              Andromeda Strainy
Notre Damey             Notre Damey                     Where's Lon Chaney?
Setä sekä täti          Uncle and aunt                  Eisenhower Mamie
Tuli kauhee nälkä       I got terribly hungry           Chicken chow meiny
Olen niin nami          I'm so yummy                    Dana Delaney

*      Johan Af Grann is the host of a Finnish TV show about UFO sightings,
       which is quite famous.

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