A Picture of Her Face
Words and music by Scott Joplin

This life is very sad to me,
A sorrow fills my heart,
My story I will tell to you,
From me my love did part,
The village church bell sadly tolled,
The one I loved had died,
She was a treasure more than gold,
When she was by my side.

But now she's gone beyond recall,
In a silent tomb she sleeps,
The one I loved yet best of all
Has left me here to weep;
Though death so ruthless stole my love,
My dear and only Grace,
I've yet a treasure in this world,
A picture of her face.

It brings joy to me
When oft-times sad at heart,
Her picture I can see,
And sad thoughts then depart;
Although my love is dead,
My only darling Grace,
My eyes are oft-times looking on
A picture of her face.

I'll ne'er forget the days I've passed,
With Grace, so kind and true,
She was to me each day more joy
Than all the girls I knew,
My love for her will ne'er grow cold
Though she has passed away,
I'll love her still when I am old,
E'en to my dying day.

But now I must content myself,
Her memory to love,
For Grace the darling of my heart
Is in the land above;
But still to cheer me at my home,
An image of dear Grace
Is all the treasure I now have,
A picture of her face.

(Repeat Refrain)