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Bush or Chimp?

Underground Publications

Visit the websites listed below for the kind of information you can't get at the local bookstore...

Laissez Faire Books
Books on liberty/privacy. Huge, searchable online database.

All kinds of high-tech publications - how to defeat caller ID, how to clone and reprogram cellular phones, how to stop power meters, disappearing, secret radio frequencies, social engineering, how to defeat security cameras, the famous "Neurophone" device, phone autodialer program (ever seen the film Wargames?), hacking, lots more, too much to list here.

CRB Books
Scanner modifications & frequencies, CB radio, Ham radio, shortwave monitoring, espionage, revenge, surveillance techniques & devices, private investigation, clandestine operations, computer hacking...

One of the greats. Books on money making ideas, tax avoidance, the underground economy, privacy, fake ID, investigating people, crime, lock picking, martial arts, revenge, weapons, survival, life extension, science and technology, loads more, too much to list. One of the finest collections of underground books you'll ever find.

Paladin Press
This company has been called "The most dangerous press in America."

Privacy World
More underground books.

Eden Press
Even more underground books plus freedom/privacy publications.

Freedom/privacy/offshore books.

PT Shamrock
Freedom/privacy/offshore books.

The Information Center
Underground books. Online catalogue. Well worth a visit.

Freedom/privacy/offshore books.

Global Money Consultants
Freedom/privacy/offshore books.

Expat World
Sell the WG Hill Collection CD - 5 great publications on CD. If you bought them in paper format, they'd cost over $1,000! Get it on CD for around $100.

The Sovereign Society
Freedom/privacy/offshore books.

Elite Reports
Freedom/privacy/offshore books.

Cabrillo CWIS We're participating in the Cabrillo College Campus Wide Information Service



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Conspiracy: 50 Greatest Conspiracies
Sightings: National UFO Reporting Center


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Capitol Tech: Encryption users freed
Electric Library: A reference source
NetDay '96: Short on volunteers
Speed test: How fast is your computer?
New life: Simple upgrade can enliven aging PC

Follow the continuing story of Apple Computer in Mercury Center.



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    The name game

    Who owns trademark names on the Net?
    BRIAN CIMINS thought the Internet represented a wonderful opportunity to make money. The 19-year-old student found a whole slew of companies that hadn't yet registered their domain names, and he registered them. That's when he discovered a new problem confronting the Internet: Who owns the names?

    Story by Simson L. Garfinkel, special to the Mercury News


    Dying '60s radical Leary organizing his own dropout on-line
    Timothy Leary's dead -- Power up. Sign on. Query Leary while he gets ready to log off -- or, if he goes the cryonics route, gets ready to reboot.

    Timothy Leary, the '60s drug guru-cum-'90s-cybernaut is, in fact, dying of inoperable prostate cancer. And he's devoted enormous time and energy to planning exactly which way he's going to go in a ``directed de-animation.''

    The event was hosted at Leary didn't discuss the method but there was champagne, caviar and friends ``at my little party.''

    Leary says wanted to remove the taboos associated with death. His choice to direct it, he said, was a matter of dying with dignity -- even elegance.

    Said Ginsberg: ``Historically, I think he'll go down as a great and noble spirit who successfully defined the conditions for the psychedelic experience . . . and was persecuted in jail in his role as a martyr to progress.''

    Ginsberg paused a beat. Perhaps Leary hasn't been a martyr, he said, but instead has ``de-fanged martyrdom.''

    Free Speech

    Santa Cruz County Office of Education
    Capitola, CA --

    Electronic Guide to Santa Cruz County
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    Center For Democracy and Technology
    Washington, D.C. --

    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    -- A non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to online resources and information.

    The Sixth Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy will be held at MIT on March 27-30. For information, see

    Fight for your rights!