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Megchan's J-Pop Lyrics Megchan provides a great collection of J-Pop lyrics. A great resource for the J-Music fan. Thanks Megchan!
LUKHASH (SH MUSIC) SH MUSIC is self-defined as 8bit Rock, a fusion of many differnt styles and music genres. A true delight for the ears.
Secret Secret - Synthpop I've got a secret that I just have to share with you, it is the world of dark synthpop. Experience for yourself the San Francisco synthpop scene, this site has a number of Secret Secret's MP3s for your listening pleasure.
Anime News Network Get your Anime and Asian Pop news here, fresh daily!
Game FAQs Need to get past that tricky level in the latest Final Fantasy game? Or figure out how to get the invisible dot in the Atari 2600 Adventure game? Look no further, all major consoles are supported here.
CosPlay - Anime Costuming If you want to check out the cool Cosplaying that goes on at the various conventions, then this is the place for you.
Cheap Cheap Cheap A great bargain hunting website. You will find coupons, freebies, specials, and a whole lot more.
Luna Sea - Visual Kei Discover the musical world of Luna Sea with Kaz; let his site be your guide to what I believe is one of the greatest JROCK bands of all time. Kaz encouraged me to become the big fan of Visual Kei JROCK I am today.

Omake Links:

Want to get the latest on the Anime scene? Active Anime is the place to go, for news, forums, reviews, and a whole lot more.

If you are like me, you really love cute fuzzy animals; check out one the cutest Anime imports of all time, Hamutaro.

Hamutaro too sweet for you, then check out the dark side of the Japanese hamster crazy with Ebichu. Adults only please!

Datel still the leader in video game enhancement technology.

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