Fourth of July 1989 - Geeks A-Waiting

Geeks A-Waiting

Many people met at the Armory to convoy down with us so they wouldn't get lost, and to ensure that everyone who needed a ride got one. These are some of the early arrivals.
Clockwise from bottom left: deckard, fritz, bluemax, chroma, kitsune, clueles, penguin, trent, ulmo, pax, dev, koreth. On the couch: ellen. In front of penguin: zyrcon

Irene (pax, in black dress at right) had just moved here from Wisconsin. This very scene is where I first saw her, and it's my first picture that has her in it. It was a good time for her to first see me - I was probably at my most dynamic, herding geeks and organizing a good-sized event that I was quite excited about.

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